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    Does anyone know when will we get
    1. Adobe flash
    2. Bloomberg or some other financial service
    3. Capability to conduct trades from the Palm pre.

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    I don't have an exact date, we know their coming, we just don't know when exactly.
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    1. No exact data, but it has been promised before the end of the year. Expect it as a Christmas gift from Palm.
    2. Haven't heard anything about that. Sounds like a good candidate for a homebrew app.
    3. Can you not do this from a browser?
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    thanks guys. with regard to #3 ie conducting trades from pre, unfortunately the brokers mobile app does not execute in the pre as it does in the iphone.
    there are way too many silly games/goofy apps from the homebrew crowd. Where the heck do people have time for this stuff.
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    #5 that kind of apps. I would suspect after the app cat gets out of beta, we'll see more business type apps.
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    Where can you write to the Palm Pre people to ask them if they are developing any serious apps, like business or medicine apps instead of the daily drudge of silly games for preteens! I cant find any email for them.

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