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    So this weekend I almost chucked my pre against the wall. I was trying to use it to make some urgent support calls for work, and it couldn't hold a signal worth a damn. My wife heard me swearing and said "would you like to use my phone?" Her's worked perfectly.

    So I call up retentions today and said "I want to return my pre, what should I do." She said I should take it to a sprint store, bye.

    Went to a sprint store, told a guy there I wanted to return, he asked why. I let him know about my problems, and I asked him about the air rave. He told me to call retentions. Called retentions from the store. The rep checked my area, and found several complaints on signal in my area (seems to be a key factor). Unfortunately, stores don't stock the air rave any more, and it will be 1-2 weeks before he can get one to me. By that time, my 30 day return policy will have come and gone. He told me to return the pre, wait for the air rave, then buy a new one once the air rave comes in, and see if that resolves my problems.

    I'll give sprint a 4/5 for customer service on this one. I would upgrade them to 5/5 if they had just extended the return period for my pre, or been able to get me an airrave right away.
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    I have a similar issue. My Pre has terrible signal at home ( dropped calls, in and out of roaming) Sprint offered me an airave free of charge and will waive the $5 monthly charge. The only problem is they said its on back order and I won't have it until mid September. My 30 days are up on Sept 12. I am hoping the Airave will work.
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    The airave is great. I have one in my house for my family and we always have full bars!!
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    I had the EXACT same thing happen to me - literally verbatim. Expect to pay full price for your Airave and expect to pay $5 a month regardless of what they tell you...

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    I got my airave at no cost because of signal issues in my area. I do pay the $5 a month but for full bars, it's worth it. They kept their word with me!!
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    I have 1 Airave at home and 1 Airave at work, both places i had 0 bars+bouncing to 5 bars roaming. then back to 0 bars on sprint. The Airave was the clincher to keep me as a customer. By far the best thing ever. Made a longtime customer very, very happy. My wife also works in the same building and she is benefiting from it also.
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    I only wish I had 5 bars throughout my apartment with the Air Rave, but at least I get five bars when at the front half. (Old vintage building with thick walls)...and signals almost all the way to the back.... Kitchen gets a little sketchy.
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    Thank you for reminding me. I finally did it. I have worked with sprint over the past 10+ years dealing with the signal in my area. I called them today and was dropped once while talking to them. My wife and I have always had tri mode phones(as long as I can remember) to at least be able to roam. At home 1-2 bars if lucky. Most often none. They are now sending me the Air Rave at no charge. WOO HOO!!!!!! maybe I can get rid of my home phone now.
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    Had the same problem at home with my Samsung A900. I called (retentions) and told them I wanted to by a Pre (prior to availability) but no signal. They sent me an Airave (with a promise of no monthly charge). It worked great with old phone and the Pre but the monthly charge was on my bill. Back to retentions, they saw the no charge statement in my record. They said they couldn't delete it but they are giving me a monthly credit to match the charge.

    I just checked my bill on-line and they were charging me again. Rep added the credit again. A side note: Sprint has a deal that allows 3 to 5 numbers to be called for free (they gave me the three plan) but after dealing with a repair rep today to get my Pre replaced due to the fact it won't exit headset mode, the numbers were removed but Retentions added them back. I guess the moral of the story is to inspect what you expect. All in all I love the Pre and Sprint has worked to keep me happy. Very satisfied.
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    I had the same conversation 5 minutes ago and was told that I would get the AirRave fro free and get credited for my monthly charge. I have poor service in my neighborhood and my old Palm Centro seemed to just squeak by with the low bars. However, Sprint claims that I should be getting great if not excellent signal.

    I hope that when I get the AirRave in a couple of weeks that my issues will go away......I am still in my 30days and I really don't want to return my phone.
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    Yah, the deciding factor on if you get an air rave and how much you pay for it seems to depend on how many complaints they have about service in your area. The guy I talked to looked up my address and said their had been 19 complaints in the past two weeks. That was enough to get me a 1/2 price air rave, and waved fees. But like others, I have to wait for it. I decided to go back to my centro for now and re-buy a pre when the air rave comes in. Maybe by then the price will have dropped, or the new rumored devices will have hit the scene.
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    Also, for those of you who can't get a free air rave, or have good signal in part of your house, but not another, here is a link to a cell phone booster that I was debating about getting. It's a little spendy, but no monthly service fee, and no reliance on your internet connection.

    ThinkGeek :: Cellphone Signal Extender

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