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    I am close to getting a pre, but the lack of OpenGL concerns me for Apps, games and other features.

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    Awww just get over it and get one the device is awesome , and seeming that an openGL solution is in the works why not.. I find myself playing the 2d / non openGL games just as much
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    Story on the front page about WebGL, but as for now OpenGL isn't on the phone. I'm fine, I've personally ended up selling any portable gaming system I've had.
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    It really depends. If you want to play iPhone quality games at any point in the near future and that's a big deal, Pre isn't for you. Also, the lack of graphics acceleration results in small, inconsequential annoyances like scrolling and popups being choppy and dropping frames occasionally. Again, if it's a big deal, hold off on the Pre for now.

    Palm has a LOT of work to do in getting WebOS to utilize the Pre hardware properly. If you're not willing to wait, it may not be the device for you.
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    It is worth noting though that the Pre's hardware is capable of handling OpenGL. It's there, WebOS just isn't using it (which is really frustrating for some users).
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    IMO, no. It will come some day, but right now the phone has been more than capable enough without it. It will be pretty sweet when it is implemented, if implemented well, it'll be like a whole new phone.
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    Only if your primary motivation is to use it as a gaming tool. If you are looking for a fantastic phone/browser/PDA, have no fear.
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    Not to sound negative in your thread, but if your asking about OpenGL I can only assume you want a gaming device. Period.

    The best gaming/phone multimedia device is the Apple 3GS. Might want to jump on that.

    If its an actual phone/communication device for the purposes of keeping you organized and connected with as little headache as possible...then by all means...the Pre is GREAT!
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    If you don't mind carrying two devices, get a PSP Go, or a ZuneHD, or a Nintendo DSi. All are better than hte iPhone anyway. I already have a DS, I barely use it, and hte controls/games are far superior to the ones on the iPhone.

    I just wish the Pre had a few more board games and tower defense. Basically I would be fine if it just supported flash.
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    just get an ipod. plenty of free games online and you can get into there apps catalog and virtually have a iphone without the $130.00 bill. I have one and I use it from time to time.

    There is no doubt about it, that the iphone has awesome games. The problem is battery is hurt dramatically playing them. I don't see the pre being able to play such games because it would really hurt the already fast depleting battery we have.
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    October = Flash support for the Pre. As far as OpenGL, you definitely need to read about that WebGL mentioned on the frontpage. Either way, gaming is not for sometime on the Pre. I don't care to use games even if I could play Halo or Mdden on Xbox Live on this thing. That's a no go for me.

    I'm just (patiently) waiting for more apps, and more features. This thing is 3 months old, barely, and Palm is kicking out updates like crazy. Very good sign. If people can't wait, miss out, or come back. I'm satisfied. Really, the super 'Awe' factor has worn off, but still impressed with my phone, Greatly.
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    Of Smart Phones, I think that the iPhone has the best gaming graphics now.

    OpenGL would be a cool plus for the Pre and open up a whole new world of graphics. It appears that the Pre hardware can do it but we have no promises on it.

    But here is what the iPhone can't do...

    Say you are playing a game and you get an important:
    1. Email
    2. Facebook note
    3. IM
    4. SMS
    5. Tweet

    The iPhone will just be sitting there laughing at you. The Pre will tell you instantly what is going on. My life can't stop because I am playing a game.

    The other really cool thing is that so many games are using the physical keyboard as an optional gaming console. I am so much faster if I can feel real keys.

    But beyond games, for texting or typing the iPhone's virtual keyboard sucks and is just not going to get better. I am not even 8 words per minute on the iPhone. I can hit about 35 words per minute on the Pre's real keyboard.

    The Pre can add OpenGL. The iPhone is not going to add multitasking or grow a real keyboard.

    The Pre has things I don't like but can be fixed in software. A list of them will be addressed in 1.2.

    I chose the Pre not for the 1.1 phone it is but the phone I believe it will be.

    Why not save the $1,000 a year on your phone and spend some of that on a real personal gaming device and real games?

    But truth be known, this really comes down to your personal preferences. Pick the one you like best.

    - Craig
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    Thanks for all the advice. Gaming is not really important to me, I just don't understand why they have OPENGL support in Hardware, but don't use is. WebGL sounds nice, but it is a long way away. OpenGL is here now and has been for years.

    If the lack of OpenGL will keep all kinds of cool apps off the pre, that is dissapointing.

    Honestly, the main thing holding me up is the lack of msn messenger. I tried using the pre dot mundu dot com site today and it no longer works. Hopefully that means they are about to release the real version.
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    I don't think games are the real issue; fundamentally, the lack of OpenGL affects usability, smoothness of operation, power use, battery life, and heat. And the lack of graphics acceleration means the CPU is carrying an extra burden that hampers overall performance. That is the real issue. Having OpenGL for 2D/3D games/apps is a whole other concern, but it's of secondary importance for many users who pick this particular device; I don't think hardcore gamers are being drawn to the Pre in general.

    I wouldn't let the lack of OpenGL stop someone from getting the Pre, but I think as you use the device on a day to day basis, you'll see many instances where OpenGL could have made it a lot better. I do think it's a shame that Palm dropped the ball in this area, especially if they were trying to compare favorably with the iPhone OS.
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    I'm kind of stupid sometimes, but let me get this straight. The pre has the hardware for iphone quality 3d games, but doesn't have the software to do it? If so, does this mean that it could be added in a future update or does it mean that we will never ever have iphone style gaming?
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    The hardware is there, presumably the software is coming. Exactly when, nobody knows.

    I enjoy having me pre and a itouch occasionally, saving myself over a thousand bucks a year, and not having my phone die and being cut off from the world because I got addicted to some game...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianPre View Post
    Not to sound negative in your thread, but if your asking about OpenGL I can only assume you want a gaming device. Period.
    You would assume wrong. Period.

    I want WebOS to access the GPU, and I never do, or intend to, play games on it. As noted in other posts, openGL on the iPhone is what allows it to have smooth scrolling, scaling and transitions. On the Pre, the CPU has to handle that task, and does it inefficiently. That is why the device seems so sluggish and choppy sometimes. The CPU is working its tail off trying to render a smooth animation. The GPU would do that without a sweat, making it a snappier, smoother device to use. That is what is really important to me. Add to that, it could potentially increase battery life.

    Quite honestly, I am really frustrated and disappointed by this. The hardware is there just wasting away, and it is going to be at least 6 months before using it even becomes a possibility. And that is praying that Palm adapts it as soon as they can, which they may not. We might be looking at waiting over a year before the Pre is as smooth and snappy as the iPhone, and that thought is becoming unacceptable to me.

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