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    I haven't seen anyone request this feature, or any discussion of it's on the way. I sync my Comcast email to my Pre, and when I delete it, it goes into the trash. Right now, I have 400 emails in my trash folder, and I do NOT feel like going through swiping 400+ emails off the screen. Why can't Palm add the ability to delete all email in a folder, or delete prior to a certain date?
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    Yep, been discussed about a million times and Palm really should do something about it.

    My work around is to just leave them in my inbox on the Pre and then delete them from the server using my desktop when it's convenient. Then they disappear from your Pre inbox and don't get stuck in the Trash.
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    From what I have seen Comcast email doesn't auto sync like that.
    I am very new to the Pre and I have Comcast. It downloads them and leaves a copy on the server. When I delete them on my phone they go to the trash, but the only thing I can do from there is delete them, when I try to restore them to the inbox they don't move.
    After I started playing around with the trash my inbox was empty. I am still trying to learn this thing, I had a Treo 755P for two years and loved the way the email worked.
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    There is now a patch available in Preware and WebOS Qick Install for Read All and Delete All emails in a folder.

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