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    Can you run homebrew apps in Hero? If the answer is NO, you obviously know what most users will reply. IMO, Hero looks like a cheap built. Plus, showing the phone on TV ads, presented by old peoe does not help (Whoopie).
    Before I say this I will say that I love my Pre, but Yes you can run Homebrew (Android Homebrew stuff) on Hero, its a Linux based operation system thats open source. Second please get your facts straight before bashing a phone, the only downside the hero has is the lack of keyboard and that it gets sluggis to do all its wiggeds, other than that the GSM version is rated as one of the best build quality phones on the market so saying stupidity like being built cheap without getting any information on it is plain ignorance esspecially since build quality on the PRE is obviously one of its biggest flaws.
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    not me. i'm not interested in android.
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