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    Sprint Palm Pre Activation Bill Credit

    From September 8 through October 31, new customers who port their phone number to Sprint and activate a Palm Pre on the account will receive a $100 bill credit!

    The bill credit will be applied to the customer's account 30-60 days after activation.

    This is available at Sprint, RadioShack, and probably other Sprint retailers.
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    Hm. I was obviously before Sept 8th but I'll give them a call and see what's up.
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    I'm not sure how that would work, you defineatly would have to be within the 30 day timeframe.
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    That would work if they grant a courtesy retroactive application.

    Amazon, for example, does that all the time for various promotions.
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    Got a link by chance? I just googled it and only get this press release from Sprint or anything like that. My brothers wife was looking at Sprint phones over the weekend since she is ready to leave VZW and with the Pre dropping to $150 starting today and extra $100 would make her decision very easy.
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    So, that makes the Pre $99 or potentially $49 with the leaked price drop, for new customers?! This better be heavily marketed!
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    Tell them to go to RadioShack, thats where I go it. It is in print there. It came from their memos starting today.
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    Hey casiouser, what about the $50 price drop, was that in effect?
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    No, still $199 at Radioshack.
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    Thats $199 out the door, no mail-in rebate.
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    RadioShack also offers a 30 day guarantee on the price, so you could check on the price every few days if it does change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    Thats $199 out the door, no mail-in rebate.
    Hmm, that's new right?
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    No, Radioshack and best buy don't do mail-in rebates, they are always instant!! And you usually don't have to deal with the lines like at the Sprint store.
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    Just to continue on this tangent one last time, if and when your Pre gets the screen crack syndrome, where is the best place to deal with as far as getting a replacement, or do you end up having to go through Palm anyway?
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    I don't think there is a definative answer for that. You need to have insurance. Hopefully there will be enough complaints about cracked screens that they can be replaced by Sprint or Palm in the future. But for now it gonna be up to where you buy it. In my opinion, if you buy it at the Sprint corporate store, you probably are better off. I know someone who 'cracked' theirs after two weeks and The Shack wouldn't replace it.
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    I dont see anything about a $100 credit or the $50 price drop on any sites so far.
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    Again, call your local RadioShack, they will tell you.
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    I bought mine from best buy this past sunday and the guy told me the same thing. you'll have a 100 credit toward your next bill is what he said... hopefully they put pre on sale for 149. so i can try to get the exrta 50 bucks too!
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    Anyone have a link
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    Shinto, I would make sure you have that in writing because what I saw didn't start until the 8TH and they wont backdate unless you go back to the store on or after the 8th to adjust it (or put a note into the account). Best buy usually can't put notes into the account.
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