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    There are no links yet because the promo just started today. Call your local Radioshack any can confirm it for you on the phone or in writing if you go into a store.
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    Here's your proof for all of you dying for it:

    Go to and go to the pre, you will see a small link that says, "Move your number to Sprint"

    Sprint - Define Region
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    I spoke with them and after much cajoling they gave me 50 dollars per line with a pre that ported over (100 dollars in total off my bill). Thanks for the heads up everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    Shinto, I would make sure you have that in writing because what I saw didn't start until the 8TH and they wont backdate unless you go back to the store on or after the 8th to adjust it (or put a note into the account). Best buy usually can't put notes into the account.
    yea, i have a note on the account. when i called to activate my phone, i asked the CS rep about the 100 credit. she said she didn't know anything about it but would put a note on my account that i'm suppose to get the credit... not sure how that's all going to work out in the end tho...hopefully i can still qualify for it. thanks for the heads up casiouser!
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    and with sprint referral program you could save another $25
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    Finally got it posted on the front page.
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    i too successfully got it applied! as much as i love my pre on its functionality and looks alone, i LOVE how much money this thing is saving me vs. the blackberry bold on AT&T! (:
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    Seems like too little, too late. If Sprint had done this on Day 1 (or even day 30), it might have had an impact. But everyone seriously interested in the Pre knows it's going to show up on Verizon soon.
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    and the main reason i bought the pre is the reason i wont get it on verizon...SPRINT IS THE BEST WITH PLANS! and if you live in a decent area the reception should be good too.
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