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    Urgent help needed!!

    I have come home to my home country (Philippines) to show off my Palm Pre to a Philippine Palm User Group.

    Made the mistake of doing a PARTIAL ERASE.... and now i cannot activate my Pre because my country is a GSM nation!

    Is there anyway for me to force my Pre to connect to the WIFI instead?! Please help!!! My fellowmen will be sooooo disappointed!!!
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    ok i found this link...

    How To Bypass Palm Pre Activation | Bilsta57's Official Blog

    too much Linux for me (
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    was following instructions on this site as well:

    Patch webOS Bypassing Activation - WebOS Internals

    THere are 2 steps i dont quite follow. I have never touched the Terminal before this. Hope someone can help.

    7. Apply the diff's to the following 2 files:


    patch foo.jsjsjs &$lt$; $patch$

    files to patch:

    > {label: $L('Enable WiFi'), command: 'peef-hack-mode'},
    > } else if (value == "peef-hack-mode") {
    > AppAssistant.accountService.peefMode();

    > peefMode: function() {
    > return new Mojo.Service.Request("palm://com.palm.applicationManager/open", {
    > parameters: {
    > id: '',
    > params: {
    > }
    > }
    > });
    > },
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    Were you able to activate it over wifi?

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