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    Yea so say yer in google and you type something in the search bar but wana go back a few spaces because u forgot a letter. Is there a way to move the courser left and right in text without trying to touch it with yer finger which is way inaccurate?
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    Very very simple. Just hold the orange key on the lower left of the keyboard, you'll see a cursor appear at the end of the text. Just drag your finger left or right anywhere on the screen and the cursor will move left or right respectively in the text.
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    one nice thing to do NOT need to have your fingers directly OVER the text you're moving can have it ANYWHERE on the screen & it will move it whichever way you drag your finger...

    Also, if you want to hilight (to copy/paste, for instance...or to delete a block of text) just hold Shift & drag your finger to select the text.
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    This is a serious question and I don't have any bias and love my Pre. Can Palm just copy the Iphone. This function is so much better on there.
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    One thing to note. leaving your finger on the screen vs. just flicking is the best way to do it. "Dragging" actually means leaving your finger on the screen. It works pretty slick in my opinion, though it might be nice to have a preference setting on how fast you want the cursor to move as you drag.

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