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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Wow, I'm shocked at the level of ignorance displayed here. A major update every 5 weeks? No other companies do that, it's impossible. And Palm shouldn't do it either. Their update frequency has been unprecedented, and they probably can't continue it for long. Once they get video recording and flash done, I expect major improvements to slow way down.
    Please, they have a ton of ground to make up feature-wise, and cannot afford to just take their time.

    When I say major updates, I am talking about adding core functionality. Improving copy+paste, virtual keyboard, allowing you to select which contacts Synergy syncs. These aren't revolutionary features, but they are important, and needed ones that are relatively simple to implement. I realize they take time, and can't all be added at once, but webOS shipped fairly bare bones and has to start packing on some flesh.
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    yes indeed
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    agreed, the level of ignorance and stupidity on this board is astonishing.
    I dont know what phone you came from.But the thing i notice on the palm forum,is that people coming from flip phones and instincts are more impressed with the pre than smart/ppc users.The only thing the pre does special,is multi carding.I do think it's awesome that they chose to go off of an open os.But there is no denying that it launched with absolutly none of the basic features of phones,wether dumb or smart,that have been around for quite sometime.
    The fact of the matter is,any of the nice extra/basic features have all been implemented by armchair programmers here.And the updates that palm has launched,are security and business features that should of been implemented from the get go.I can't give them a pat on the back for launchin a business phone,without the business features,and then updating to them.Thats nonsense,period.
    I am glad that 1.2 will bring this phone up to modern times,and that they aren't waiting to add these things to the pre2,like apple would.And i DO think the homebrew scene made this phone.I cant see anyone being happy with this phone from launch,without all the apps and hacks from this scene.The pre has offered nothing on it's own for several months now.Everything that makes our phones on and above par with other models,is due to these guys here,not palms.And most of it is simple,basic stuff,that should of been included at launch,but wasn't.
    Personally,I was going back to my mogul,before finding this site.So let me say thanks to all the guys here.
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    The pre is one of the best devices out there. The browser is one of the best i have used on a mobile phone, sprint navigation works great, and the ability to multitask is fantastic. But People saying that it is ridiculous to expect better updates are wrong. The phone is great, but it is still lacking the promised video camera, more apps/smooth app catalog, and basic things like changing ring tones. people will always complain about a product but palm needs to fix these things asap, the hero is coming out in less than a month, and the iPhone's mms is coming later this month, Palm should not worry about fixing itunes, they should worry about fixing the basic problems with the phone and making bigger improvements.
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