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    I got mine at a radioshak. They offered me insurance for an additional $7 / month, that will cover everything from damage to it even being stolen. Is this standard? Is this sprint, palm or radioshak? And is it legit? Anyone have experience with sprint insurance?

    I only have a few days left to add it on (has to be within 14 days of purchasing pre) so I want to make up my mind tomorrow or the day after.

    Thank you everyone.

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but the iPhone only had applecare which basically did nothing. At all. Stupid applecare.
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    I got the insurance also, got it at a sprint store.
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    any experience with it? is it worth it? What exactly is it supposed to cover? i know sometimes extended waranty kinds of things are just scams...
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    if it needs to be replaced its a $100 fee for the pre
    that's not too bad for a $550 phone
    i got it. had it for my past phone for over six years
    lost/broke my phone twice both valued new at $1250 together
    back then the charge was $50 a piece
    i saved approximately $650
    it was worth it for me everyone is different
    some people never lose or break there phone ever
    but most people have accidents
    what kind of person are you?
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    get the sprint insurance not the radio shack one
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    Quote Originally Posted by hangman0000 View Post
    get the sprint insurance not the radio shack one
    i think they're the same
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    get the tep through sprint its worth every dollar, you never know.
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    1+ sprint tep.
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    Besides that if you have TEP you can always call sprint or go to the Store and they will replace it free of charge unless is physical damage or water damage.
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    i hope i never need it
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    Quote Originally Posted by userengel View Post
    I got the insurance also, got it at a sprint store.
    Got mine at telesales when I ordered my Pre.
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    I have it with my Treo for 2 years and had to get a replacement once. Its worth it. I am waiting for my Pre to come in the mail and will continue with the insurance.
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    I work at Radio Shack and the two insurances are totally different. Radio Shack you pay $129 dollars up front for a pda, but there is no deductable. It doesn't cover lost or stolen water damage or any major physical damage(sucky i know) Mostly it covers manufacturer stuff. I rarely try to sell it. TEP you obviously know about it from the other posters. The one they were recommending was obviously sprint insurance which i would recommend for the pre. Just my opinion
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    Well I don't know...He was talking about 7 extra / month. No costs up front. He didn't approach it as an extended waranty or anything. However, he did say they would replace stolen and damaged phones. So this is not true? And you DO need to pay something to get it replaced?
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    I've used tep twice -- once I dropped the phone (not a PRE) and once when the plug to the charger stopped working. The phone was here the next day and all was fine. I can't afford a new phone at a moment's notice (right now I couldn't afford the $100 deductible) and I can't afford not to have a phone -- so I opt for insurance.

    And btw, I do think water damage is covered --- pretty sure anyway.
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    so there IS a $100 deductible?
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    And if so, is that no matter what? I mean, what if there is damage that IS repairable, as opposed to needing a replacement?
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    i 'lost' my pre, until a pizza hut delivery guy called me, and said he found it...gave him a $20 tip...the $7/mo insurance w/ Asurion is a definite peace of mind...the online claim form is no sweat, and seems to work fine, based on other threads on the subject...ken
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    TEP - is the total equipment protection plan and it includes repair services at the sprint store if it can be repaired and if it cannot the it will be replaced. $100 deductible only counts if you have to replace your phone , also your warranty will be directed through sprint in case there is a defect. i as of now am going through this process, my touch screen stopped working on my replacement pre, i was quoted a 24 hour delivery time from the time i hung up the phone and it was free! which is cool because normally you would have to send your phone in first for a warranty replacement and wait for them to approve it, but this is so much sweeter! I love my pre and being without it for a day made me want to cry
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    <aggressive posts deleted>

    Try again guys.

    This time without the rudeness.

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