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    I've used tep twice -- once I dropped the phone (not a PRE) and once when the plug to the charger stopped working. The phone was here the next day and all was fine. I can't afford a new phone at a moment's notice (right now I couldn't afford the $100 deductible) and I can't afford not to have a phone -- so I opt for insurance.

    And btw, I do think water damage is covered --- pretty sure anyway.
    I've been with sprint for about 11 years now. I've never once broke, dropped, or otherwise seriously damaged my phone. Neither has my wife. Thats $1848 I have not paid to Sprint.

    As I figure it.. if my phone fails for some TECHNICAL reason within the first year, its covered by Palm.. If it fails after a year, I could probably buy one used for pretty damn cheap. Or, since I am a Sprint Premier customer, I could buy one for $250 again.. or less if the price drops as its rumored to do.

    If I destroy/lose it, I have been a Sprint customer for so long I suspect I could talk them into replacing it for the $250 cost again.. or less.

    So in my case.. being careful with my phones.. I'm ahead THOUSANDS of dollars. Even if I have an accident and destroy it I am ahead THOUSANDS of dollars.

    If your phone is THAT important to you, and you can't live without it.. and you can't afford for something to happen with it. You should be MUCH more careful with it. Sure, accidents happen.. but they happen to people more frequently who don't take reasonable actions to safeguard their investments.
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    Here is what I think of it:

    Insurance: 7$ per month
    Assuming that you will keep the phone for 2 years, total amount spent on insurance: 7x24=168$

    Now, if you end up using the insurance, there is a 100$ deductible. So, in 2 years, if you use the insurance once, you will be spending 268$ minimum.

    If you don't get the insurance, you will end up spending 500$ to buy a replacement phone in case something goes bad. So you will save 232$ *if* you loose a phone.

    For me, I have never really lost a phone, so am willing to take this small chance and not spend on insurance.

    Also, the Pre is going on eBay for around 380$, so the amount saved because of insurance is even lower.

    So, bottomline is, if you loose/damage phones a lot, then you should get insurance. If you are generally careful, then its not worth it.
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    There is only a $100 Deductible if its physically damage, water or stolen. Manufacture defects no deductible required. TEP is a phone saver.
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