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    Well, not technically "right now" since I'm typing this :-)

    I don't want to repost something that someone else may have taken the time to post. So if there are instructions here on how to get gtalk to chat with your msn clients through the jabber network, please say so.

    If not, I'll document how I did it and hopefully help a few pre folks. It has a few little quirks, but I'd go bonkers using meebo.

    I'll check back shortly. If anyone is interested, I'll start taking screenshots etc.
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    Using a transport correct? I have been trying to tell poeople here that you can get to most 3rd party IM networks thought jabber transports. Glad to see someone is using it.
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    I'm interested in know how to set this up.
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    me too, would love instructions on how to make it work.
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    instructions please
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    I started a thread with instructions. If you can't get it to work, I'll do my best to help you troubleshoot things.

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