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    I had some serious issues with messaging. First off, everything would move EXTREMELY slow. I would click to open a message, and it would show NO message history. Really, it showed nothing-didn't show the contacts' name at the top, anything. If I tried to send a message, it would let me input text and press the send button, but it wouldn't do anything. If I left it sit for a minute or two, it would load the chat history, but still wouldn't allow me to send messages. I tried erasing all the messages and starting over, but that didn't help.

    I've noticed my Pre was moving especially slow the last few days. It shut itself off about 10 times in 3 days, which I attributed to the battery being loose, and eventually shoved some paper towel in there and solved that problem. But since, I've had the messaging issues and have just not be happy with it. I had about 45 homebrew apps on the phone, including the on-screen keyboard patch.

    Here is my current attempt at a solution: I went thru device info and did a partial reset on the phone. It said it wipes out all installed apps and settings, but leaves the USB drive data (presumably music, photos, etc.) Currently, I'm staring at the phone screen that says "Restoring your backed up data and downloaded applications". Its being doing this for a good 5 minutes, but I am not in great data service, and can't turn on the wifi at this stage.

    As of now, I"m just going to assume it works and post later (crying) if it does not. But my question to everyone else is has this happened to anyone else? Its absolutely infuriating!
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    Funny you should ask. A couple people sent me text messages that I didn't get until today. My pre was acting a little funny (not showing any bookmarks when I opened the browser), so I turned it off and on. When I turned it on I got my texts and voicemails from yesterday.

    First time that's happened to me with the Pre (though it was common when I was on Nextel). So, yeah, pretty weird. But it wasn't slow before that and never turned itself off, etc.

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