View Poll Results: Do you use your Pre in the Bathroom?

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  • Yes, all of the time.

    284 72.45%
  • Sometimes, if its with me.

    96 24.49%
  • No, never thought about it.

    5 1.28%
  • Never, that is absolutely disgusting.

    7 1.79%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepopscience View Post
    So I got my Pre not too long ago and I'm telling my in laws what all it does. My wife pipes up and says, "OMG, he's on that thing all the time. It even wipes his budt." I'm thinking, "Sweet, is there an app for that?"
    "No . . . but there's this sharp edge on the keyboard."
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    you could use the mirror side of the device to hold a square of toilet paper though...
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think most of you could use more fiber in your diet......of course this could explain the need for the unlimited data plan that everyone appears to be on?? Hahahahahahha........

    In fact to help move things along, I've decided to add a new wallpaper.....(I said wallpaper), for you to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingerdinger View Post
    While I was sitting on the John surfing the internet on my Pre, the thought occurred to me, "I wonder if anyone else is doing this?"

    Some people have told me its absolutely disgusting to be on your phone while taking care of business, but i have never thought that it was a big deal.
    What does everyone else think?
    Do you wipe yourself with it?
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    I totally use my Pre while I'm in the bathroom. Man, it makes me so happy to know that I'm not alone in this. Not only am I not alone, I'm not even in the minority. Not by a long shot! It's been said by other people in this thread, and let me just agree - if you're using your Pre while on the john, you simply put it in your pocket, THEN wipe and wash your hands before pulling your Pre back out. I really don't understand how that's unsanitary.

    And yeah, I've long been in the habit of reading while on the pot. Now that all of my books are in ebook format, it's actually easier to continue that habit.

    Oh, and licking your finger to turn pages is a disgusting habit regardless of whether or not those papers have been in a bathroom or not. Did you ever think about the fact that you're spreading your germs through your spit just as much as someone who's spreading their germs through their unsanitary bathroom habits?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post
    "No . . . but there's this sharp edge on the keyboard."
    Kinda like the 3 sea shells?!
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    I'm gonna be honest here and say I'm on the pot right with my palm pre checking forums.... Either I have my pre or a book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamfrontosa View Post
    When I don't have my laptop with me... just shot out of my mouth on that one!
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