View Poll Results: Do you use your Pre in the Bathroom?

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  • Yes, all of the time.

    284 72.45%
  • Sometimes, if its with me.

    96 24.49%
  • No, never thought about it.

    5 1.28%
  • Never, that is absolutely disgusting.

    7 1.79%
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    im so glad there is insurance!!!!
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    Hahaha good post...I surf the net if I'm taking a **** only, if I'm taking a **** then no..I have fears of the pre slipping out of my hands and landing in the toilet
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    Whether you do it or not, I find it interesting that (as of right now) only two people never even thought of it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingerdinger View Post
    While I was sitting on the John surfing the internet on my Pre,
    I don't think the word "john" is supposed to be capitalized in this syntax, unless I misunderstood and you're actually sitting on some dude named "John."

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    I don't understand.... Why would I ever need my Pre in the bathroom???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Smart View Post
    Note to self..........don't borrow anyone else's mobile phone.
    As much as everybody on the net overuses LOL, your post was one of the few times I actually did Laugh Out Loud!!

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    I send my friend **** texts all the time. I think I've send "I'm pooping" as a text more than anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by debsawyer View Post
    I always get a call when I'm in the washroom with my blue-tooth on, it's amazing. I think the worst part is flushing the toilet when you are on the phone.

    I do it all the time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    the worst is when you got one stuck and your pushing and grunting making all these weird sounds!
    oh and when your speaking to your boss!
    always happens to me for some reason
    That was a tad vivid!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Smart View Post
    Clearly I am the only one who thinks that this is just wrong, but here is my reason why......and perhaps after thinking about it for a minute some of you may just look at things a little differently.

    My bathroom phobia comes from working with several people (guys and girls) who will answer the call of Mother Nature, but won't answer the call of the soap dish when they are done.

    I see these same people bringing files, and papers and other things into the bathroom with them to help pass the time away. Then these same people who don't wash their hands, will drop these files on someone else's desk to look at later, or drop the paper of on the kitchen table for people to look at later.

    Then the unsuspecting person will come in and start to go through the work files or read the paper. Feel sick yet??

    Well wait there is more........

    Picture yourself in the office where this is happening...........

    Now picture yourself looking at that file full or documents that you have to read.......

    Or wanting to go to the sports section to catch the stats of the last match.......

    Now tell me what do you normally do to get to those pages that are four or 5 pages in???



    So basically while you are turning the pages and licking your fingers, you may as well went into your co-workers office and said "hey dude, can I lick your **** for a minute I've got a few seconds to spare"............

    So when it comes to the Pre........well you know that people want to look at the phone because letís face it, it's just a great looking device, but what really is happening is that they are licking your butts!!


    Now some of you may like that, but EWWWWWWWWWWWW...........that's just wrong on so many levels.

    I will say this though, since I've brought this very topic up at my office we have banned files from being allowed in the bathroom, people have (for the most part anyway) stopped licking their fingers to turn the pages, and our usage of bathroom soap has gone up.

    Now if I could only get them to brush their teeth more often I'd have it made!!!

    Okay I feel better now! LOL.......
    Yeah but that's why you put your phone away "Pre"-wipe, then go wash your hands. I fail to see how that's gross.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NxTech3 View Post
    im so glad there is insurance!!!!
    I wonder if they keep stats on how many people request a replacement due to "water damage!"
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    It's a must...
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    Use? Yes

    Talk on? Never!

    I do have to admit that when the person in the stall next to me is carrying on a conversation I have been tempted to shout out 'OH GOD! I SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD THE HOT SAUCE!' just to spice up the conversation.
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    Lol somebody call you and ask you what you doing and be like on the toilet.. Then they hear you grunting. I do it all the time.
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    Hand sanitizer: kills 99.99% of germs, is a must have with you at all times!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    the worst is when you got one stuck and your pushing and grunting making all these weird sounds!
    Just thought of the scene from Austin Powers when he is grunting "Who does number 2 work for?" while getting strangled and Tom Arnold is in the stall next to him saying "You show that turd who's boss."
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyeatworld View Post
    All the time, absolutely. I'll even answer calls. I don't care.

    But the best part is, if you take a real narkill poo, you can take a pic of it and submit it to

    wow thats all i have to say about that... and i use it all the time what the heck else you gonna do stare at the wall or look at the wonders that the pre can deliver in your palm
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    I have to say I too am guilty of using the Pre in places it does not really belong. But gosh darn it the homebrew apps are just addicting and how else and I am going to stay current with all the news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidminor03 View Post
    wow thats all i have to say about that... and i use it all the time what the heck else you gonna do stare at the wall or look at the wonders that the pre can deliver in your palm
    Whoa, d00d! I love my Pre, but not THAT way!!!

    (or maybe you should have worded that some other way)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lamboh View Post
    i do it all the time also....sometimes i would go in there just for fun to use my pre
    What he said. With my old palm I got addicted to playing solitaire while dropping a deuce.
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