View Poll Results: Do you use your Pre in the Bathroom?

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  • Yes, all of the time.

    284 72.45%
  • Sometimes, if its with me.

    96 24.49%
  • No, never thought about it.

    5 1.28%
  • Never, that is absolutely disgusting.

    7 1.79%
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  1. geodosch's Avatar
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    My Pre (and before that my Treo) is an essential bathroom companion at work... no need to feel self-conscience by carrying a book/newspaper into the john, where anyone who sees will think "I know what you're about to do." And sitting in the stall, I often hear the distinctive clickity-clack of others doing the same thing.

    I won't answer calls in there-- ever. Though once I heard someone make a call from another stall. I guess that was someone with no inhibitions... or maybe just no boundaries.
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    I never thought about it. The pre was on the bathroom sink while I'm doing the girl. It nearly fell into the sink while there was some water in it.
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    The Pre is designed for multi-tasking. I always take a **** AND use the Pre.
  4. KJ78's Avatar
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    all the time. #1, #2 and #3
  5. kimjoy24's Avatar
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    Glad to see the majority of people do this as I do too. I have a digestive condition so unfortunately spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. I agree with the person that said taking phone calls while you are on the crapper is not acceptable ... it's one thing if it's an emergency call but most of the time, it's just inane conversation. If I heard tinkling & flushing (or god forbid other noises) in the background of a call, I'd be a little distracted, to say the least!
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    Oh yeah. I've actually soaked in the tub with it....gotta grip it well!
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
  7. dustiq's Avatar
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    Especially at the Uncle John Bathroom Reader app idea
  8. eji930's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdfierro View Post
    To me, it is disgusting. To me. I prefer to keep my devices crystal-clean.
    Im scared to know what comes out of you in the bathroom that your phone wouldn't remain clean! LOL
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    Note to self..........don't borrow anyone else's mobile phone.
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    I always get a call when I'm in the washroom with my blue-tooth on, it's amazing. I think the worst part is flushing the toilet when you are on the phone.
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    I might have to stop my Texas Monthly subscription now that I have my Pre for a bathroom buddy! Just don't hold it in the same hand you use to put the lid up or down with!

    I don't normally answer the phone when I'm in the bathroom, but sometimes when I don't want to miss the caller I answer and I'm always afraid they will hear that bathroom echo and ask me if I answered while on the john!
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    Quote Originally Posted by debsawyer View Post
    I always get a call when I'm in the washroom with my blue-tooth on, it's amazing. I think the worst part is flushing the toilet when you are on the phone.
    the worst is when you got one stuck and your pushing and grunting making all these weird sounds!
    oh and when your speaking to your boss!
    always happens to me for some reason
  13. KJ78's Avatar
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    too bad it doesn't have an audio or video recorder for our best bathroom moments
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    then you come out all sweaty with your pre in your hand and your girlfriend looks at you weird asking what you were doing in there
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    Yeah, I admit to taking my Pre to the crapper with me.

    Funny story, some time ago, I got a text from my dad saying, "Thinking of you." I don't see Dad all that often since I'm in the Marine Corps and not stationed close to home so little things like that make the distance seem a little less. I replied back asking what he was up to. The reply? "Pushing brown." He was taking a dump. So we now have a running joke to text or call and say, "Thinking of you," when either of us goes to take a dump/push brown/drop the kids off at the pool/etc. I know y'all are thinking, "Too much information, dude." I don't care, telling the story has brought a smile to my face.
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    Yep... of course. But there is a brief time where I set it down on the counter and don't touch it again until I am all washed up.

    Still, as someone with extensive microbiological research experience, I pity the fascinated fools who wanna put palms to my Pre and "just lemme check it out dude!" before I have had a chance to give it a wipe down with an isopropanol dampened tissue.

    Gotta watch yo self man!!! Gently sterilize that thing. I wonder how many members here who touch dey Pre in the bathroom also take it to the breakfast, lunch or dinner table!! Thats just horrendous.

    Well, in the long run, I guess we are just helping build immunity amongst our fellow citizens...
  17. pikap704's Avatar
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    One of the reasons I opted for the pre was for some poopy time entertainment. It technically is saving me some money as I no longer am buying magazines to read
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    where else would you toilet tweet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by noshooz View Post
    No way - I'd be scared sh*tless that I'd drop it in the toilet since I'm such a klutz.
    So, in other words, it would actually be very helpful to use it in the bathroom.
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