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    I don't know if this was asked but do you guys think that Palm would ever release as many (if not more) apps then the iphone in the near future. I'm not saying next week or in the next month, im talking in the long run. Homebrew apps count too

    It would be pretty nice
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    yea it would be nice, but ultimately its up to the developers, not Palm. I have both an iPod touch (which my school made me buy) and a Pre, and the vast quantity and quality of the iPod apps beats out anything the Pre has released. A lot of this has to do with how long the iPod/iPhone has been out, but the apps also use the GPU and therefore can do more and run better. Hopefully this will change in the long run!
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    As already witnessed by the 180 homebrews, there will eventually be a lot. As many as iphone? Who knows. And who really needs 30,000 choices? I just hope webOS will have quality apps and I don't doubt that it will.
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    i got my pre 1 month ago and there was only like 70 or 80 or so apps now 1 month later 180. so yeah i would say there will be a few . not to mention all the apps. people r not releasing until the app store opens too lol . you'll have more than you need!!!!!
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    as much as i want the pre to succeed, there is no way in hell it will have the same number or more apps than the iphone or maybe even android for that matter. hardcore developers cant make their apps with the current sdk (look at kinoma) and the ones that want to make a buck will have a high risk of their code being exposed when rooted cuz of the languages used to code plus no way to have opengl support.... looks bad for developers that can bring apps that really put the pre on the map thust attracting more consumer and developer interest and so fourth. its a chain that leads to growth and support but palm needed a strong start to make that ball roll effectively and with momentum, although that wasnt the case and its hard to recover from a bad first impression and have someone take a second look further down the road
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Ultimately, the number and diversity of available apps will probably be directly proportional to the number of units in the hands of users.
    All things being equal that would be true ... but I'm not so sure all things are equal. One thing Palm has done well with WebOS and the SDK is make app development easy ... staking out some simple, common ground with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

    That should create a lot of simple apps, with the downside being that complex apps may be more difficult (or impossible with the current SDK). So short term, I think the App Catalog may compete number-wise ... but it may may not have some of the "killer" apps. Long term will depend more on the number of users that WebOS can attract.

    I think eventually Apple will have a tough decision with the iPhone OS ... it's already starting to look a little dated, but changing it and maintaining compatibility for all those apps is no small trick.
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    Also don't forget about Apple recently pissing developers off about app approval. Just today, I discovered, a great online music site. They apparently spent a lot of time developing a nice-looking iPhone app only to have it rejected by Apple because it competes with their iTMS. Fortunately for us, has confirmed they are working on a webOS app and it is a "priority" for their company. If more companies get disenchanted with apple and move to webOS, the scales may tip in Palm's favor before you know it.

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