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    Iwill like to know if there is a solution, to download the new apps. from the app. catalog and also for the upgrades, I can not get that done, it keeps on telling me that i have no space witch i still have 3.4 gigs.
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    there is limited space on the pre FOR APPS
    i think it was said to by 64mb
    the solution is to wait for them to come with an update to solve this or delete an app
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    Thank you I guess I will have to wait
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    i have heard several different stories like fourty apps limit or sixty apps limit ,but i dont know for sure now he says 64 mb who knows lol aslo heard you could get past that with just homebrew apps
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I have 68 homebrew apps. and most of the original ones but now i can not download the upgrades for the ones that i already had because it keeps on telling me that i do not have space, and this is happening even before I started to download the homebrew apps. witch means that it does not have to do with homebrew.I even removed 4 apps. and it will still not allow me,thats when i searched for answers and found Pre
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    do a soft reset then try again
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    thank you i will do the soft reset to see if it works
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    did the soft reset work for you?
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    no the soft reset did not worked
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    I had the problem that I had no memory to download any more apps, I had aprox. 40 downloaded between the ones from the app. catalog and homebrew apps.

    I talked to the Palm tech and they did not mention the limitations, that I am finding out on the number of apps you can download. They suggested that I do a hard reset which I did. When I downloaded all the apps again I got the same error message not enough memory.

    From what I read when you download the homebrew apps using Preware you do not have the limitations on how many you can load.

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