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    A couple days ago I went to charge my pre with the stock AC - USB port charger to find that a big piece of plastic had somehow broken off the end that plugs into the wall. I was able to glue it back on with gorilla glue but the blades for the ac plug are now kind of wonky.

    I asked my wife if she had touched the charger and she swears she didn't do anything to it. I'm just curious if anyone else has had their charger break. It still works but I'm wondering if I should try to get a replacement at the sprint store.
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    The Plug is designed to come apart . The AC side 1/4 twist so you can put on International Tips . It sorta locks in place a bit not not enough for it to not accidentally come apart.

    I guess if the Tabs or retainers broke it might need Gluing but I would think a simple twist and you would have been fine.

    You might be better going through Palm instead of Sprint for a replacement , just mention possible fireDamage and see if that gets you any results
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    Thanks for the input. Yeah about a quarter of the piece that twists off had cracked off. Really weird since I treat my phone etc like one of my children. I'll see what palm has to say about it.
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    If not then you will be able to get a new one cheap out of the store on here.
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    I really doubt they'll replace it. If it works and it's not a fire hazard, just use it.

    If it doesn't, all you need is a USB port. Just use your computer or get a cheap AC one at or
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    As a Full time FireFighter and also electronic builder, I see the strangest things in the simplest places. There is 110-120V going into the plug and then being converted through a small transformer. If it has broke and a strain was done to any of the connections I would just use it as a paper weight and get a new one. The cost is not to much. Better to play it safe. Let alone it is better for your "children".

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