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    I'm tired of the negativity and complaining. SO let's use this thread to post the things we like about the Pre! No fighting in this thread, PLEASE.

    I'll start:

    1. Shape and size: small enough to fit in my pocket perfectly; big enough to have a great screen and legit keyboard. IMO, perfection.
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    Intuitive touch interface. I can pick my phone up, open notifications, flick the unused ones off, open an email, read it, swipe up from the gesture area, flick the card off and hit the lock button all with one hand and without even THINKING.
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    I love that too--and it's really convenient how they place all notifications on the bottom, so as not to accidentally close an app or really interfere with whatever it is that i'm doing at the moment. Kudos, pre.
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    L E D tweak coming soon to a pre near you
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    while apartment hunting...browsing listings in craigslist app, reading the links i sent myself in gmail, emailing rental agents and calling them, using googlemaps to check the locations and get directions and scout the outside before visiting. camera to take pics. and doing all that at the same time.
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    more open to homebrew
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    Love the universal search, both for contacts and apps. Makes the Launcher almost unnecessary.
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    cards need i say more?
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    It makes cocky iPhone users question Apple.
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    Multitasking and Google voice.
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    I absolutely love the fact that this is the only smartphone to ever hit the market and give the end user COMPLETE control over the entire operating system of the phone. No hiding anything, no lying about what's going on, no keeping us locked out.. Nothing. With a little know-how and help from others, one can turn their phone into the ULTIMATE user-configured utopia. I love this phone for that reason. Not to mention it's amazing multitasking features. It feels like another computer right in my pocket.
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    I even just love sliding the keyboard up and down, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO DO MINDLESS THINGS ENDLESSLY.
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    Nice size multi-touch screen, slider keyboard (that is usable), Multi-Tasking, Better for viewing email/messages than BB (my opinion, still using BB 8830 for work), intuitive, Touchstone Charging (love just sitting it on there to charge it up), many great Homebrew Apps (a good sign of things to come in official App Store), and so on, and so on, and so on...
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