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    Does the upgrade patch anything, or does it do something similar to ipkg update/upgrade? If it patches anything then I'd imagine that tweaks would cause problems, but if it just applys new packages then tweaks shouldn't get in the way unless a non-updated package that was tweaked depends on something that was upgraded, then it's probably a crap shoot.

    Services could be more complicated, especially if the linux kernel is upgraded, I'd think that they should just be removed before upgrading to be safe.
    The last update .x update (1.1) overwrote every one of the original Palm packages. Thus every hack users did was overwritten.
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    hpasrsons and jhp - thanks for your comments. I meant to comment in this thread but I really didn't feel like getting involved in a long, drawn out conversation that would be going nowhere. I think the OP's caution is good. You're right that we have no idea whether they will patch or replace one or several files associated with a tweak. I know if I was the release engineer at Palm, I'd replace rather than patch files (because the risk of messing things up is less). The reality is it will be a case by case basis which we can't predict. Most of the time, it will just be some app or tweak that no longer works in the customized fashion, but the possibility for patches to half replaced still exists so I think the OP's caution is still warranted. To make a long story short, anyone who is worried about taking such a risk can simply say "no" to any upcoming update prompt until others here have reported on what gets broken and what doesn't. The more brave and more capable among us are generally willing to share their war stories for the betterment of the community.
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    Well put. And I hope my posts didn't imply that there was no danger in not clearing them out; however, I hate it when I see a post that may be taken literally that says you "must", or implies that not doing so "will" cause problems. The truth is, we simply don't know. We don't have enough of a track record to really make an educated guess. Each person has to determine his or her own level of competency with the device, and decide for themselves.

    Personally, I'm to much of a "let me try this" person to track every change I've made. My own personal plan is going to be as follows:

    Leave my device as is, and apply the update when it comes
    Monitor and watch the Package Manifest. If all of the Palm packages were replaced, nothing to worry about. If they weren't, I'll apply WebOSDoctor, and I'm back in business

    Again, this will work for me. Might not work as well for others (I back up the important stuff on my Pre regularly, and don't care about call logs and old SMS messages).

    My real point though, is that one person's concern is definitely not another person's "must do".
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    I'd assume (yeah, I know that since WebOS is package based that an upgrade would install new packages (as opposed to patching existing ones), but I don't know for sure, so I'm leaning on the side of caution when the 1.2 upgrade is released and reverting any tweaks/services before applying it; I don't plan on deleting any homebrew apps unless they cause problems.
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