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    Over the past few weeks or so I've been picking up here and there that the need to root your phone to do things is slowly going away... That's a rough paraphrase at that..

    My question is, if this is true, is it globally encompassing? By that I mean, does this only apply to home brew apps and their ability to do certain things on the system, or does it mean that soon enough you'll be able to change/do whatever you want on your phone at the system level?

    While I have no real desire to root my phone, I REALLY want to theme it... As far as I know, there's no way to change default walls, colors, images, etc without rooting the phone and so forth...

    That being said, if rooting as a requirement is going away, will there be an app for say applying themes or will things on that level still require rooting the phone?

    Hope this all makes sense, thanks
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    You can change your wallpaper, colors, images all through WEBOS Quick Install without any rooting, but you'll have to manually send/receive each file you modify as there is no quick tweak option like alot of the patches.

    You'll have to know the full path to each file and know exactly where to put/retrieve it. It is much easier to root it and then SSH into your phone and change files that way (personally I don't use putty, but I use SSH secure since you can initiate file transfers much easier). But overall, WEBOS Quick Install will work, but it takes a bit more work and patience.

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