Unlike the past update, 1.2 has a lot features I have been longing for and IMO will put Palm back in the race. Ability to send contacts as vcards, improved universal search, true copy/paste, update to tasks, and improved web browser with ability to download files is great and long overdue.

I also like the fact the the updates are for webos and not third party apps (i.e. anything google). Now if Palm can provide the following for the pre in the next month or two the pre will be well positioned to take the smartphone crown.

1. update the calendar (speed/more options)
2. docs2go
3. financial app (more than likely 3rd app)
4. virtual keyboard
5. flash
6. camcorder
7. update to music player (more than likely 3rd app)
8. update to video player (more than likely 3rd app)
9. Ability to have Sprint navigation default