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    I can't post in Homebrew (I guess I still a schmoe). But I was looking (and would pay) for an app that tracks GPS mileage for reimbursement. There was a thread a ways back about it, but it seems to have died.

    I was thinking of something I could "turn on" when I left and "turn off" when I arrived, keeping a running total of my miles so I can complete the reimbursement.

    Any ideas??

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    Wow, nothing? I'll pay real money for this one, paper, folding money!
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    Me too. I'd even pay for a manual one. I use Pocket Milage II on my AT&T Epix and it works great. An automatic one with GPS integration would be great!
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    Still no word, although there is this EXACT app for Android. But hey, you have a choice of two fart apps for Pre...

    Blast away, I guess...

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