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    Happened twice now and had to pull battery to correct.
    1. When I put on the touchstone last night.
    2. When I tried to open the camera this morning.

    The only changes I have made recently was installing preload(pmp app installer) and I uninstalled that this morning.

    Any ideas?
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    Mine just randomly shuts off .... anyone help you with this?
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    My Pre freezes or runs extremely slow when opening apps. I think it's a common issue.
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    Yup. This morning I woke up, took it off the Touchstone and it was frozen.

    I could see that I had a reminder and an SMS message notifications. The center button was lit. The Pre felt hot. I had to pull out the battery.

    Basically I have no confidence in the Pre as my alarm clock. Too many failures. This is very frustrating because alarm and reminders are two of a PDA most essential functions.
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    BTW, I'm using the Seidio 1350 battery. Do you? I'm wondering if it's related.
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    Stock battery. After this post all has been well. I removed preload, that was my only change

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