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    With 1.1 being out for a while now, and the recent new chatter about the 1.2 WebOS firmware around the corner, what is the official word about updating firmware with running hacks in place?

    My Palm Pre: (Probably very similar to many others reading this)
    -Virtual Keyboard
    -Dev mode enabled
    -txt message forwarding
    -Pre has been rooted
    -MyTether (and what ever background services go with that)
    -WebOS Quick Install 2.01 Tweaks
    -->Custom boot screen
    -->New Analog Clock theme
    -->un-rounded corners
    -->Custom Dial and lock backgrounds
    -->5x4 Launcher Icons and additional launcher pages
    -Many other additional apps

    When the 2.1 firmware comes out, can I just hit the update screen and do it, or do I have to roll back/remove things prior to the update?
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    i heard that you should take the tweaks off cause we dont know what things palms updating it might not affect anything or it will offect everything you know i took mine off just to be safe it only took a few minutes
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    I have webos 1.2 in my Pre right now and I will say that unless you are very into rooting know how everything works, you should NOT upgrade via leak. Just wait a few days until it officailly comes out.
    This big main problem is comabability right now. Allot of homebrew utilities like Quick Install will break with this upgrade. I am very sure that once it is released everything will be upgraded to work with it soon after but for now you will have to install all the homebrew apps that need to be used with quick install have to be rooted on to it, such as PreWare. All the servuces are also broken like filemanager service for the file brower but thankfully the ipkg service for Preware still works.
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    i thought the word on the street was homebrew will be fine; they're in an untouchable folder. the advice was to simply uncheck the tweaks you have selected in quickinstall and all will be well.
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    Yes as I understand it, its just the tweaks that need to be uninstalled.

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