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    If you want it bad enough..... anyone who has read my recent posts knows that i can barely stay alive without WHB 810 sports/talk radio in kc....

    Two programs from Rouge Ameoba has almost made it possible.... Nicecast and Radio Shift....

    Radioshift pulls the radio on your schedule and nicecast broadcasts it.... I have been able to use it successfully on my pre but it will only play for 30-40 seconds.... when it reaches 00:00 it stops instead of playing on like a normal stream????

    Anyone care to take a stab at why this is happening????? Nicecast could be a great tool for us pre users.....

    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    bad signal? have you tried to stream it using wifi.
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    i was using wifi when i tried it...
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)

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