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    i installed webos quick installer and added some tweaks but now i caNT VIEW ANY TEXT MESSAGING CONVERSATIONS PLEASE HELP
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    Undo the tweaks?
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    i did but it still doesnt work....any other ideas or do i need to run the web dr
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    plz help
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    Go over to for help with this. Look for forum:"messaging-not-working-after-webos-tweaks"
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    Here you go:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    K, so I've uploaded a new hotfix version (last one, I swear, lol).

    The PNG chooser showing/not showing issue is fixed.

    For those who used the first build of 2.03 and got the broken Messaging app, download this zip file. Make sure both Message Forwarding and Messaging in landscape are unchecked.

    Extract the files from the zip. For each of the 4 files, do this:
    - In WebOS Quick Install, go in the menu Tools->Send File.
    - Drag the file onto the Send File window.
    - For the .jsjsjs $files$, $put$ $this$ $as$ $the$ $Destination$ $Folder$:
    - For the .css file, put this as the Destination Folder:

    Reboot your Pre, and everything should be working again and you should be able to check it again to get it working properly.

    Next time, try searching in the homebrew app forums or whatever forum is where the problem arose.
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    I did search and did this...Still not working. No tweeks left on my phone. I can message but none of my messages show up in the messaging application. If I want to send/receive a text, I have to search that person and then I can get the message. Any help is appreciated, don't want to start over.....what is the messaging application original code, I can do that thorugh putty.

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