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    I can see the backlight shine though the screen around the edge of the screen. Seems to be getting worse.
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    Same here. Only can be seen in dim lit places... really ugly when the brightness is set to highest.

    Lets face it, this sweet palm pre is one Shi**ty built device and we'll just have to deal with it. Its' no iphone

    I'm an ex-iphone user... It hasn't been any fun switching to the pre at all but its one sweet device considering it being a part of the CDMA world.
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    I can see it to it looks ugly
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    Ok thanks just thought it was mine, I really notice it when texting from bed.
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    I can see it on mine also, but its nothing to get the panties in a bunch over just yet.
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    What's causing this? Love the Pre, but have always beena little on the obsessive compulsive end so it drives me nuts on occasion. It looksas if the inside of the front cover was not painted properly? Is this a common manufacturing issue? Does it get worse through time?
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    Mine seems to have gotten worse with time. It's no secret that this isn't the greatest hardware in the world (on the Pre), but it was to be expected for a 1.0 device from a cash-strapped company. As some have said, it's not noticeable unless you're in a pitch-black room.

    And before the iPhone fanboys get all worked up: I had an iPhone, too, and it had light leakage all along the left side of the screen along the bezel. And there were enough people similarly afflicted with the problem that it became a long-running thread on HowardForums regarding how to fix the issue. So, you know, Apple's not infallible.
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    My first Pre had that slightly, but my second (refurb) Pre doesn't have that issue at all.
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    its bleed through, its common on lcd's

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    Yeah well it sucks, and this is the only device I've ever seen have this issue. The Pre is a great device, but the build quality from the OEM is TERRIBLE. I've been through...let me count...7 replacement Pre's now and not ONE of them has been free from defects or build quality issues. Very frustrating.
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    I too like the iphone but when people say the pre is no iphone it kinda irritates me. I do agree its not the best built seeing I am on my 4th. Iphone users have problems too.

    lets see how many problems iphone users have.
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    Can you guys take a picture of that?

    I turned my Pre on full brightness and saw nothing. Curious to see what you guys are going through

    @THETRUTH: All cell phones are regularly broken from day-to-day use. I think we all know the iphone is no brick phone.

    I'm on my second Pre and I own an ipod touch 2g. In all I have bought three ipods and all are the original. The Pre was taken back because of the headphone thing a lot of other Pres have.
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    It would be hard to see whats happening on the screen if no light shined through it...
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    I am not disagreeing the pre has numerous oroblems. I am with you on that one. I just wanted to point out the iphone has similar issues. I wouldn't be on my forth without knowing all the issues. I have the same light bleed. If I go in a dark room and reset my phone, I can see it on both sides going all the way up.
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    Screw that man, I pay seven dollars a month and I demand a pristine phone. If my phone looks at me funny I take it in.

    I'd do the same thing with the iphone, but prolly be even more angry as it is atnt...

    @Xyg: Picture of the phone man.
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    Mine is really bad on the bottom two corners, the best way I can describe it is, it looks like parts of the screen that did not get painted black so that the LCD light shines through it. Its most noticeable when in a dark room on a reboot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    It would be hard to see whats happening on the screen if no light shined through it...
    This made me laugh.

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    Thanks guys, I thought that I was the only one sensitive about this issue.

    Mine shows on the lower edge of the screen and on the left side its actually starting to show thru the faceplate.
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    Mine is doing it as well. Noticed it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had my pre since the beginning of July.
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    sharpie? haha

    Edit: can you guys legit see it on normal usage or do you have to be in a dark room?
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