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    ok guys heres my problem, my wife has a Pre and shes taken quite a few pictures of her grandmother who is currently in the hospital and just a few days ago her screen just stopped working... aside from the fact that it just plain sucks to have a phone that doesnt work we can't get the pictures off the phone, because all of you know you would have to push the USB Drive option when you plug it in to your comp... i sucks cause all i am wanting is to back up the pictures, i mean if I could just tap that screen once my problem would be solved... we went to sprint and they were willing to give her a new phone right then but as previously stated she had to decline untill we get the pictures off the phone....

    so does anyone know how i can back them up only using the keyboard or do you guys know of a good (cheaper) company that can fix the screen (which i really would like to be a last option because we would like to swap it out for a new one)

    Thanks alot guys, any help is GREATLY appriciated!
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    hmmmm...i was thinking of somehow you can connect the Pre to winscp and retrieve the pics from its directory of the pictures folder, but i dont thing you can...cause you need to set the Pre to wifi, since the screen doesnt work there isnt a way to activate wifi.

    Even if you have used Webos Doctor to reset the phone, Palm profile will not back it up for you with pics.

    sorry to say, but i think you have just lost them pics.
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    this exact thing happened to me...screen shorted out and I had some pictures on there from a concert I went to with my friends. I had some great pictures on there, and I tried everything I could think of but to no avail. Had to swap it out at best buy (was actually painless) for a new unit. Since then i've uploaded pics to photobucket after I take em if they are worth saving. Sorry dude, but you are probably SOL. Palm profile pretty much backs up everything but your pics and internet favs.
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    as sad as it is theres virtually no way possible to get the pics out of your old pre... I
    had the same issue with a pre from the first day it released, was working great until one day the screen went dead i took it over to sprint and they say its a internal led issue... just had to get a new pre was worth it got the new foamy back for the battery and its working better than ever... woot First post cherry poped...
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    damn, that sucks! i appriciate all the posts guys.... only thing i can think of to do is maybe trying to get her screen fixed from some third party cell phone repair company

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