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    Moderator's note: This thread is just for new features found. Discussion posts are now here.

    Here we go(stole the original list to start):

    • Find-as-you-type search support in Email
    • App Catalog updated to support purchasing apps
    • Web browser enhanced
    • auto zooms to forms
    • download in browser enabled (including opening pdfs)
    • better rendering of mobile pages
    • Orange+click context menu on links
    • save images
    • "Real" copy and paste
    • shift tap to select areas of text in the browser allows for copy and paste.
    • Select All option in Edit menu
    • Save images in browser(Not GIF, assuming JPG and PNG only, Orange+click to do this)
    • Clock app allows you to turn off alarms when mute switch is on
    • The full Facebook page now saves your login info, and is much easier to use because of auto zooming to text boxes
    • Speed increases across the board, notifications are much snappier
    • Dialer is snappy, minimal to no lag on anything
    • Selecting text and scrolling through text boxes is smoother, more accurate, and selects full words now
    • Can now disable Data(EVDO) and use WiFi in conjunction with standard voice service(Major battery saver, though there is an issue with it, you cannot make WiFi stay active when the screen is off and the phone isn't plugged in)
    • Can now copy entire conversations in Messager
    • Displays phone number when using the phone, instead of just Mobile or Home etc
    • If you are on the main screen or launcher.. in you press gesture+v to paste, it will start a global search with whatever you pasted.
    • Tasks now gives the option to sort in "My Order" (how things were entered), by due date, or priority.
    • Email search, though it only searches subject and sender right now
    • No more having to manually link AIM contacts to people if you already have that AIM name in the Google profile
    • The default Pre Ringtone has changed
    • Text Notifications now include a contact picture
    • Pinch to expand emails has been removed.
    • Updated mojo framework (200.18) on 1.1 it was 191.15(Probably responsible for the performance increases across the board)
    • Sprint Configuration is now v1.8
    • There is a "Send all to Car Kit" option in the Contacts Application now
    • Calendar now has additional preference setting for "Calendar View Options" to set the color of your calendars and to show them in the "All Calendars" view.
    • WAV's now play directly from email(though I can't figure out how to save them)
    • Sound alerts while on a call no longer deafen you
    • When you get an incoming call the number now shows up at the top of the locked screen instead of the bottom (so it's not hidden by the "slide up to answer" button anymore.)
    • Memopad is now back to single click to move the cursor
    [*]Bookmarks are now backed up by the Palm Profile (Screenshot)
    On the WebOS Quick Installer, I've tested the mods to see which work, and I can tell you which ones not to try:

    Don't do anything to the Messager
    Don't do anything to the Email client
    I'm also assuming don't do anything to the PDF Viewer

    4x4 icons works, Hiding Nascar and NFL work, Call Duration in Call Log works, changing logos/backgrounds still work, Silencing the dial tones still works, and Add/delete launcher pages works. Thats the stuff I tested(besides PDF Viewer).


    Feel free to add anything I might have missed, and I'll update the OP.

    *Disclaimer: I do not suggest installing this, unless you are familiar with rooting your phone and can disable the UpdateDaemon. This update is, as far as I'm concerned, experimental, beta, and definitely not supported by Palm, since it isn't official. My suggestion is to wait for the official release. This update has a build date of 8/30, so its already a few days old, I'm guessing the final release will have a different build date, and hopefully incorporate some of the changes mentioned in the other thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    anyone try the virtual keyboard patch?
    While reading through the original thread, found that it will not work, because of the updated mojo framework.
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    There is also a new file called lunaAnimations.conf





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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    can you scroll inside a text input box? for example, if you were to post on this forum and typed a really long message, are you able to scroll inside the text input box? thx.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Yes! I just tested this, and absolutely, you can. You press the orange key while sliding your finger, just as if you were scrolling through normal text. Adding this to the list
    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    woo hoo.
    You can do this now on 1.1.0, not new.
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
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    [ Copying this here from so that we can hopefully stem all the questions in this thread too ]

    Well, since I don't personally have a Pre, I can't join in the fun, but reports from others are that (as expected) all of the webos-internals services, plugins and applications are working fine.

    Patches are bound to break across webOS .x version changes like this, and it seems about half of them have made it through and the other half are no longer working due to changes in the original applications.

    The Virtual Keyboard will need to be updated, cause the framework version has changed. I expect work on that is already underway ;-)

    Preware seems to be working fine (as expected).

    I would expect WebOS Quick Install to be able to connect to a device with 1.2 on it, but would expect the same amount of tweaks to fail (since most of them are ports of the patches in the webos-internals repository).

    As for really under the hood stuff (like the bluetooth changes), people are still looking into it.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    You can do this now on 1.1.0, not new.
    Strange, I had tried it on 1.1 before, and not had luck. Though, that was after I left the text box and for some reason the text would get much bigger, and clicking in the box and trying this didn't work... You're talking, multiline boxes in the browser, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    No the ones at the very top where it say articles, reviews, accessory store..
    There are drop downs for those? I don't get them in my browser(Opera 10)

    I think I know what you mean though, basically drop downs that, in a regular browser, you'd mouseover and they appear? If thats the case, then no, 1.2 doesn't do anything different there.
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    Demo video of 1.2 up here:

    So that this doesn't get taken off track, if you want to comment on the video, do so in the thread I created here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by llamaegg View Post
    Would have been nice to see an irc client, but I'm heavily doubting on that one.
    Mibbit Mobile works for most servers: Mibbit ™ Mobile
    The full Mibbit website ( - Easy and fast Webchat) isn't horrible on the Pre either in 1.2, though I'd still prefer a native app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    September is already looking to be a good month.

    @Elysian you should try and open as many cards to see if the can't open any more cards comes up.. I get that alot when I only have one card open
    I've got 12 cards open, actively loading web pages. Its slow, but usable. After 12 I got the too many cards thing.
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    You can also add this to your list of 1.2 enhancements!

    1. Car Kit Options - Looks like palm is adding support for sending items such as contacts to a "Car kit"

    2. "Send Contact" option now shows up when you have a contact open. Send to options are Car Kit, MMS, and Emial.

    3. Clock Now has additional preference under a "Ring Switch Off" area - "Play Alarm Anyway" on/off button.

    4. Calendar now has additional preference setting for "Calendar View Options" to set the color of your calendars and to show them in the "All Calendars" view.

    5. Phone settings now have a switch to turn on or off "Data Usage"

    More as I find em -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    If you go to a contact, you can now send your contact as a vcard.vcf file via MMS, Email, or Send it to a Car Kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jack87 View Post
    I cant figure out why in the hell palm keeps removing useful functions like email pinch... and new card for links with orange+sym tap on link they should of made it into a gesture tap
    isn't the open-link-in-new-card available in 1.2 via orange-click? that's one fewer key to press.
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    Add the following to the new features -

    1. "Send Contact" option now shows up when you have a contact open. Send to options are Car Kit, MMS, and Emial.

    2. Calendar now has additional preference setting for "Calendar View Options" to set the color of your calendars and to show them in the "All Calendars" view.

    - D2G
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    Quote Originally Posted by d2globalinc View Post
    2. Calendar now has additional preference setting for "Calendar View Options" to set the color of your calendars and to show them in the "All Calendars" view.
    You always could do that, but you used to have to go into each account separately and set all of the calendars for only that account. It's great that it's combined into one option like this now though.
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    Another update - Not really important - but they reduced the size of the palmpre intro video from 7mb to 6.1 - the difference is that they cut the text at the end of the video that tells you to goto the HELP icon to learn more, and then says "Have Fun" - So i guess they don't want us to have that much fun anymore

    - D2G
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    1.2 includes disabled code for LED blinking when you have a notification and the screeen is locked.

    After I uncommented out some lines in the necessary files, the "Screen and Lock" menu puts the toggle switch as seen here. (Thanks theo for your help). If you have any notications while the screen off, the center LED then blinks smoothly on and off. I guess we can add this as a patch soon.
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    All the menu animations seem to be more snappy. Not as much lag throughout the whole OS. The launcher comes up quicker, switching pages is quicker, notification bar doesn't cause sluggishness and adding contacts and merging them is also quicker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kehanra99 View Post
    There are still two huge, basic features missing from this phone...stuff I've had on phones since 2003.

    1 - No video on a phone with this kind of power?
    2 - No recurring reminders available after you miss a message or have a text waiting.

    The second one is the biggest. I missed a potentially job-killing message last Sunday because I didn't check my phone for about 4 or 5 hours. I'd really like a sound every 10 minutes, or at least to have a one of those glowing lights pop up every few minutes to catch my eye...
    There is an option that was disabled by default, I just enabled it by removing some commented code. The LED then blinks when your screen is off and you have a notification.
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    Okay tethering has almost definitely been purposely disabled in the Wifi driver. If I go to the Terminal and follow the manual instructions:

    wifidriver -i
    iwconfig eth0 mode Ad-Hoc essid PreNet

    I get the following message:
    Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
    SET failed on device eth0 ; Invalid argument.
    Bluetooth tethering using My Tether is working properly though. (Turn on USB tethering, then connect to the Pre via Bluetooth PAN). I presume that should mean USB tethering itself works as well.
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