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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    Just got an update notice that an update will be installing at next charge. Being that Upgrades showed 1.1 as an upgrade, looks like Palm is forcing 1.1 back on Pres to eliminate support issues with App Catalog being down.
    that's why you have to root and disable the update daemon. If you allow it to download the update, it will break, and you'll have to web doctor it again. That's why I suggest no one that cannot root the phone install this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    Why reoccuring reminers for text? if you swipe away a text then you must not need to be reminded of it. just keep the icon at the bottom until you no longer need to address it.
    Well, he means when the screen isn't on -- say you get a text, missed call, or voicemail and you're not near your phone, or you just didn't hear the notification sound. You have no clue you've gotten anything until you activate the screen. He wants the ability to have the Pre alert you intermittently via a sound that you've gotten a new message. My mom's Eternity has this feature, and she loves it.
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    according to palminfocenter the new update also has the ability for Palm to remotely remove programs. (I can't post a link since I don't have enough posts) I wonder if they will start removing homebrew applications or just programs downloaded from the App Catalog.

    According to them: In the file "usr\lib\luna\system\luna-systemui\app\controllers\apprevokedalert_scene.html", we can see this info-text: "Palm had to delete this application from the App Catalog and your device. If you paid for this app, your money will be refunded."
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    When it's wide like this entry box (on quick reply at the bottom of the page) it zooms to the left half so that it shows up to where the ? in "Quote message in reply?" is (which with the Pre's font size is just a little past the button for the quote button at the top of the box). The zoom does not follow the cursor unfortunately though.
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    It's the sound from 1.1, might be cleaned up a bit, but I haven't noticed.

    One little tiny thing I've noticed is that the little bar that tells you how much time is left in Word Ace is no longer there. I'm sure it's just tiny fixes that some apps need.
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    Something I realised is that it fixes Activation Problem with 1.1. If you aren't familiar with it, when activating on 1.1 the data connection takes 24 hours to connect.

    Another thing is that they made the tap ripple animation slightly bigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbulante View Post
    I don't think anyone has checked this out yet. With this latest update, do we now have more room to install apps, without having to fear the Not Enough Memory Space error message?
    that's one of the first things I checked. The var partition is still 32mb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Yeah, my thought was that Palm probably can't know the app IDs of the homebrew that you have installed, because it can be changed to anything, but I suppose they could always look at all the stuff in /var/ and subtract out the official apps you've installed and delete the rest... but yeah, I agree that I don't think they'll use it any more than they absolutely have to.
    The id of all the homebrew apps you have installed are regularly sent back to Palm along with the rest of the debug information when you have a luna system crash. The id doesn't change, and Palm can access just like anyone else to find out what homebrew is available.

    And their OTA update scripts can call "ipkg -o /var remove <package>" just like Preware does when it uninstalls a homebrew app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack87 View Post
    you cant expect anything from true homebrew to work perfectly all the time considering it is one of the major things palm is trying to stop from happening because sprint doesnt want it to exist. it is indeed a donation considering the free version is not much different than the donor version.
    Apart from mytether (which we all know specifically violates the Sprint Terms of Service for plans available for the Pre in the US), we are not aware of Palm or Sprint being against other homebrew in any way shape or form.

    Palm contacted quite a few homebrew authors and personally invited them to submit their apps to the official app catalog. Chuq (Palm Developer Relations Manager) said in public at the San Diego PreDevCamp that Palm has no problem with homebrew that does not cross the line of violating Palm code copyright or carrier agreements.

    Sprint has invited WebOS Internals developer Rick Boatright to give a presentation at the Sprint Developers Conference.

    So let's not taint other homebrew with the same stigma that one single mytether app has because of it's particular functionality.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    No, that's still there. The pinch he's referring to is in the message list. You used to be able to spread your fingers sideways on a message and it would show the contents instead of just the title.
    As soon as I saw that in the updated first post of this thread I went
    "They did what??!!!" and had to start digging through the thread
    to find this explanation. The first post should probably be updated
    to reflect this clarification. Something like
    "pinch/expand in the email header list has been removed"
    Those that have used it, will know what it is. The rest won't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcram View Post
    What about Selecting Multiple Emails? Has that been added in the 1.2?
    Nope. Believe me, I've been digging for anything else new, as I'm sure others have as well. All the major changes have already been listed and all that could possibly left is under the hood stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erleb View Post
    has searching in calendar also been added? (i hope so, though google calendar is searchable)
    Quote Originally Posted by killerfish View Post
    Does it have HTTP Proxy support for Wi-Fi settings yet?
    no to both
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    Did they fix the issue of .wav or .mp3, or .rm files not playing within an email attachement? My wife is constantly complaining about that our home voicemail's are emailed to our phones, but she cant play the .wav files even though the email has a play button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    We thought that this might be the release where they had a true Bold and Italics capabilities:

    Italics = Gesture - I

    Bold = Gesture - B

    Were either of those fixed?

    Also, did they fix any of the problems with the Music Player:
    - No slider bar
    - No landscape mode
    - No bookmarks
    - Basically did they patch any of the holes Music Player Remix fixes?

    - Craig

    (Yes I did read all 100 or so pages before I asked and did a search!}
    On the email app, when composing an email, on the edit menu there are options for bold, italic, text color, and some more.. but they don't have gesture shortcuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    Did they fix the issue of .wav or .mp3, or .rm files not playing within an email attachement? My wife is constantly complaining about that our home voicemail's are emailed to our phones, but she cant play the .wav files even though the email has a play button.
    It works now. I just emailed myself an MP3. I'll try a WAV just to be sure. I'm not sure how to save an attachment though... or if its even possible... WAV's work as well.
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    I've read through most of the thread and didn't see this but did they fix that issue where a page will load only a portion of the page and the rest is cut off? That happens to me all the time and is quite frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awrnsmn View Post
    I was one of the few that ended up getting 1.2 by having to get the doctor due to a ooops I did. Do you recomend reverting back to 1.1 or just keep 1.2 with the updates disabled? I really think this is the version they will release (IMO) but I'm not sure if keeping it will cause problems when it actually gets released. Any thoughts? I don't want to have to redo everything again!!
    Whenever the official 1.2 is released, I plan on doing a webOSDoctor install to the official 1.2 myself. Honestly it seems like the same to me. You could use webOS Doctor to 1.1 now and then update to 1.1 using the updates app, or you could use 1.2 for now and then webOS Doctor to the official 1.2 when it's out. Either way I'd suggest resetting via webOS Doctor at some point, and I know I will be.
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    OK, I appreciate the feedback. I don't like not being able to get into the app store and check for updates on other apps. I will probably revert back to 1.1 and just keep it clean with no mods (or very few) until it gets officially released. It does however seem to be a lot more responsive to gestures and opening apps than 1.1. I hope to see more put into it than they have now, but if not, I will do it myself as I have been, with the help homebrew developers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by morty25 View Post
    quick question. when 1.2 is officially released will updating the pre remove file coaster along with all the homebrew apps installed with it?
    It shouldn't. Only patches and hacks you've used.
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    another change is that it doesn't autocapitalize the first letter when filling out forms on webpages. This was annoying when filling out usernames, having to always hit backspace to get it lowercase.
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