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    PDF, DOC, XLS were the only ones I could get to download in the browser (besides images). MP3 only streams.

    As for My Tether, if Palm removed the commands we need from the Wifi driver, it might not be fixable unfortunately.

    Edit: Scratch that, .zip seems to be downloading too and just telling me "no handler". Audio and video files just open in their player, and anything else seems to download even if there's not a handler for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    The Virtual Keyboard will need to be updated, cause the framework version has changed. I expect work on that is already underway ;-)

    Just to let everyone know, the framework cleanly merges with the keyboard patch, so it won't be a long wait for an updated keyboard patch once 1.2 is officially released. I will be waiting for the official 1.2 release to officially update the keyboard.
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    The one other app I was concerned about besides My Tether is drPodder, which is working exactly as before in 1.2.
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    Not sure if this mentioned but text fields on web pages no longer automatically capitialize the first letter, thank god.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    Theo, can you post which file you commented for blinking led?

    See my post here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelw9 View Post
    1.2 includes disabled code for LED blinking when you have a notification and the screeen is locked.

    After I uncommented out some lines in the necessary files, the "Screen and Lock" menu puts the toggle switch as seen here. (Thanks theo for your help). If you have any notications while the screen off, the center LED then blinks smoothly on and off. I guess we can add this as a patch soon.
    Seems Palm has gotten around to fixing Mojo.Controller.StageController.indicateNewContent(hasNew) woot!

    Palm Mojo Framework - Mojo.Controller.StageController
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    How does zooming to a textarea works?

    On a lot of sites the textarea is too large and to fit on a page, you have to zoom out so far that text is very small. So I can't see how zooming in on a a large textarea would work.

    Can someone try?
    As an example, the Precentral text entry that I'm typing in now (not posting this exact post from my Pre, but I did before) it zooms in on the left half of it where the cursor starts when you tap on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    How does zooming to a textarea works?

    On a lot of sites the textarea is too large and to fit on a page, you have to zoom out so far that text is very small. So I can't see how zooming in on a a large textarea would work.

    Can someone try?
    There is a video showing how it works. It works like this, the full website is usually tiny to display the whole width of the page on the Pre, but if you click in a text area, it will automatically zoom into that area. Much easier than having to pinch, and pinch, and pinch to zoom into the textfield area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d2globalinc View Post
    Ok - so where is the file located? Which one? for the rest of us who would like to be saved the time of diving into it right now

    - D2G

    In /usr/palm/applications/
    Uncomment lines 54,55.. and 248-251.

    In /usr/palm/applications/
    Uncomment 92-97.. and 101-103.


    Go to screen settings are flip the switch afterwards to enable blinking notifications and your golden
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    does blinking led blink with missed calls?
    It most certainly does!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    So still no Bluetooth sending of Contacts/Calendar-entries via OBEX vcf/vcal?

    Well then it seems we have to wait for a big bluetooth update with 1.x to get bt OBEX file transfer and more A2DP headsets to work
    Nope, no OBEX yet, but Object Push Profile is what most car kits use anyway, apparently. But yeah, I want OBEX as well.
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    Not sure on that one, I'll have to wait until I get a real notification.

    One other thing though that I noticed, is that it seems when the Pre is set to the minimum brightness, I think the keyboard backlight is a little tiny bit brighter than it used to be at that brightness level. Still not as nice as the separate brightness levels in Brightness Unlinked, but it's probably just barely useable in the dark now maybe.

    That could just be my eyes playing tricks on me though.
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    Another little thing I noticed, if you type a contact's name into Universal Search, there's a "Add Reminder" button there as well. It used to be you could only add reminders via the contacts app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    i can do this now with the current 1.1 ?????
    yep. i did not realize that this was possible when i originally asked this question. i can confirm that orange-drag = scrolling inside text input box, in 1.1

    @elysian can you remove this from the updated feature list? thx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Is it? It's been updated through the App Catalog in the past.
    Nope, just the webOS 'card' part of the app has been updated through the App Catalog, but the service, the non-HTML/CSS/JSJSJS $part$ $is$ $definitely$ $in$ $the$ $webOS$ $updates$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    @jhoff or elysian, could you elaborate on the zoom-to-text-input-box function a little bit more? specifically, this is what i'm wondering about. the text box i'm using to type this message is more wide than it is tall, so even when it's zoomed in it's pretty tiny. does the zoom actually zoom in to only half the width, and then the box moves as you type? or does it do something else? thx.
    the box doesn't move as you type, but everything else is true. Hopefully moving as you type comes later, or in the final release.
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    When it's wide like this entry box (on quick reply at the bottom of the page) it zooms to the left half so that it shows up to where the ? in "Quote message in reply?" is (which with the Pre's font size is just a little past the button for the quote button at the top of the box). The zoom does not follow the cursor unfortunately though.
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    Someone posted that it does only a JPG for screen captures, but it still does both a JPG and a PNG.
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    Title changed to "Leaked"
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    Are those animations when you double tap new? And can you compare the battery life to 1.1
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