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    I think this thread is a prime example of a good reason not to homebrew.

    I've looked at the homebrew list and drooled - but always clicked away unharmed.

    There was another thread here that read as a panic post regarding space - by someone that went homebrew. To be honest, I didn't follow it to the end - but the point hit home for me. Don't mess with a good thing; my perfectly working pre.

    The homebrew forum was rollong at a steady pace of: it works/do this now/now it will work/now you have to do this - that unless someone was as creative and linux smart as the geniuses that are producing applications - it was enough to make a person dizzy (at very least distrustful).

    It would be wonderful if that forum was culled of all of the dated and old (misleading) threads so that a person could make a value judgement.

    I understand that there is a disclaimer in the forum, but when Joe Smuckatellie says 'this works' there are always going to be a group of people that are going to read the description and want their pre to do the same thing.

    With every update there has been a royal rumble of a stress period - while the app catalogue apps just keep on truck'n... Is the stress justified? I don't know - I just read the threads. But, I can say that as long as the'what do I do now' threads exist - the homebrew section cannot reach it's true potential, the high marks and recognition it truly deserves, simply because of the potential risks to those that just want a good application and not the 'how will it affect my phone' worries...

    Thanks for your time
    rooting and homebrew are two totally different things, I personally won't touch rooting my Pre, but using homebrew apps is just like using the App store. Once you get filecoaster or preware onto your pre, you just tap download and the app is installed on your phone. deleting them is just like deleting your App store applications. Homebrew has mad the Pre ten times more useful for me at least. To each his own but if we're gonna warn people to not do something it would be actually rooting your phone.
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    I taught my 12-yr-old daughter how to homebrew and tweak with WebOSQuickInstall. Now she's doing it for everyone we know that has a Pre. We are all so happy with homebrew. I did it because of the Golf gps apps (there are two). Can't wait to show off on my next tee time.
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