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    I haven't. Got my phone the day it came out sent the rebate form about a week later. Then on august 5th I got an email saying "Your rebate of 100.00 is in the final stages of processing and should be mailed to you within the next three weeks."... Still nothing, has anyone gotten a rebate?
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    yes... $200 (pre + black berry rebate)... took about 3-4 weeks after I got the "final stages" email
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    Yes, mine came a couple days ago. Which actually suprised me since I sent it in after the rebate expiration day. About 50 days after I actually bought it. After I received the e-mail, it only took about 2 days so the check may have been lost in the mail. You should probably check with the rebate center to get it reissued.
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    hmmm just checked that rebate checker site they set up and supposedly it was delivered on aug. 22nd... i never got it..

    Status Detail: Your rebate is approved and a check has been issued. You should expect to receive your check on or before the date listed below. Thank you
    Expected Delivery Date: 08-22-2009
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    I just got mine last week...
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    i have not even mail mine in yet its been a lil over a month i wonder what would happen when i send it?
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    I live in Puerto Rico and the Sprint stores over here gave out instant rebates, just like Radio Shack and Best Buy do.

    But good luck on getting yours soon, lol.
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    Best day ever when i got mine
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOE509 View Post
    i have not even mail mine in yet its been a lil over a month i wonder what would happen when i send it?

    I had a bunch of confusion and ended up calling the rebate center because i've exchanged the pre a few times. Since I billed the phone to my account they processed it with me having to mail anything in. Still waiting for the check though, and I'm only 52% processed now...

    Scratch at 82% and I "sent" it in on the 29th of august...
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    I got mine, too. You can, by the way, call sprint and ask about it. There's a menu option (somewhere in there) to talk to a person about your rebate. You might want to call.
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    Got two $200 (100 each). Got mine on launch day and my husbands in July. I've gotten both rebates.
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    I got my rebate, my wife's is supposedly in the mail. I got mine on release day, hers in July.
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    Got mine a few weeks ago. Got pre on launch date.
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    sign in to ur sprint account online and look it up to see whats going on thats all you have to do to find out where it is or if its coming ,lol
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    FWIW, I got my Pre on release day; however, I put off sending in the rebate until the last eligibility day. I got the rebate last Wednesday (9/3)
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    mine is on its way, can't wait, going right into my car
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    I didnt get mine. Got a $100.00 bill credit though.
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    This is why purchasing at Best Buy to get the immediate rebate is a good idea.
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    Just use you can track it all there
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    Yea you should definally call and check I got my check a few weeks ago
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