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    ............ got mine 2 weeks ago
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    I never got mine. I mailed it in the same day that I got it. I have done the internet chat three times (Once a month).

    I have to mail a new one this week and now wait another 14 weeks.
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    Just got it last week. Mailed it in 2 or 3 days late, (after the mail-in deadline), so I was ready to get screwed!and, off topic but, Launch day Pre still working great! ;-)

    now, where's that 1.2 update... ;-)
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    got mine even tho i wasn't suppose to since im on a 3rd party employee plan
    SCK Manager
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    I received mine this week. I sent it in 07/23, waiting until almost the last minute for my launch day Pre expiration.

    I'm thinking I might just sign it and send it to T-Mo to cover my ETF.
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    i bought my pre june 6 it took a lomg time for me to get my rebate back got it back like two weeks ago
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    I sent mine out on the last day and at the last time I was eligible to send it out. Meaning I got mine on release day and i sent it out on July 5 and on the last time the mail would be picked up at the post office to get it post dated. And I still got my rebate that came in about a two weeks ago. You should call if its possible.
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    I got my rebate in less then 3 weeks
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    Got mine, no problem. However, I did not get mine from the Instincts I purchased in Feb.
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    i got mine..yeaya
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    i havent gotten mine yet, but it claims it was sent out and should arrive 8/22/09. I've since contacted them via the website to see what's up. This is actually the THIRD problem I've had getting this rebate out of them.

    I got my pre launch day and mailed it out the same day.

    The first problem I had, they claimed my account was cancelled (because the sales rep set me up on a temporary number, which was "cancelled" when my real number transferred over)

    The second problem was after the first got cleared, it got "rejected" because all ready had a "rebate processed" on it (the first, rejected one)

    The third time was finally accepted after talking to their customer service quite a bit, but i still haven't gotten it and its 3 weeks over due....

    I plan on badgering them until i get the money i was promised, though, so we'll see.
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