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    items needed
    Palm Pre with Oreo Effect & Tape
    1 min of your time

    tmpre2.jpg is a palmpre with no oreo
    tmpre1.jpg is a palmpre with oreo

    tmpre3.jpg shows tape placement
    over the letters i,o,p
    (sticky side faces you)

    tmpre.jpg shows both pre's after fix
    line is parallel all the way across
    <<if you pass the parallel point stop this fix is not for you>>

    you should try one square at a time till it stops oreo
    should feel natural when it slides
    trim excess

    (DIY at your own risk)
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    Does Scotch tape send you christmas cards? ;]
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    Quote Originally Posted by darcside View Post
    Does Scotch tape send you christmas cards? ;]
    Only when I'm good :P
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    Aw man that is ghetto!! However, creative.
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    you trim the tape when your done
    you cant see it under the screen
    you could also use black tape and trim
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    Does this really work? I'm kinda afraid to try it because it looks like I won't be able to remove the tape in case something goes wrong...
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    it is a creative way to fix a problem however we shouldnt be having to use home remedies to fix a faulty hardware design.
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    I tried it. I messed up and had to get the tape out. It was pretty hard to get out, and I messed up my oreo even more...

    If you're gonna do this, do it right.
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    There is barely any direction on what exactly to do. All I see in the pictures is tape laying around, etc.

    At least give some decent instructions on what to do with your method...
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    Agreed, this is vague at best. What the heck does the tape do other than stick to the back side of the touch screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewp View Post
    Agreed, this is vague at best. What the heck does the tape do other than stick to the back side of the touch screen?
    That's exactly (and all) it does.
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    if its vague to you, then its vague for a reason. if you don't know why the tape helps then you shouldn't try this. i will post a vid showing the black gaffers tape in action...
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    What exactly is the Oreo problem? Using the pics above (so you're looking at the bottom of the phone flat-wise), is it a side to side wobble between the two halves? If I'm looking at the screen/face of my Pre, it has a little twist or play (rotation - oreo's being twisted apart?) but nothing really serious.

    If that is the problem, I don't see how the tape would fix things...
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    added you tube link...
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    Nice video...explains a lot.

    But, did you really have to say "Boo-ya"...twice?
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    Boo-ya . . . boo-ya and boo-ya for good measure! Hmm I think that's the first time . . 3 times in fact that Ive ever typed boo-ya.
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    didn't even notice i said that... nice catch.
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    I tried this fix and it worked great for me. Of course, I wouldn't say I had a severe oreo effect, but it did wobble enough to make me uneasy about using the slider at all.

    So I tried to use Scotch tape at first and it didn't work very well, but just three pieces of electrical insulation tape did the trick for me. It's now very solid and slides just as smoothly as before. Thanks for the tip!
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    3m should make a deal with Palm to add this fix to the 400,000 phones still in the warehouse...
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    I did the tube clip today. Great results. My Pre is really stiff when shut.
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