I know that there are a few of you that will think that this is common knowledge, but due to the fact that I have answered this question numerous times, I figured I would start a thread.

Follow these steps to get the wallpapers from PreCentral.net to your Palm Pre.

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1. Add the same email address you use for PreCentral.net to your Palm Pre. Email address for PreCentral.net can be found by entering the forums and clicking on quick links then Your Profile.

(Email>Preferences and Accounts>Add and Account)

2. Click on Email Attachment. This will email the wallpaper to you. You tap on the attachment in your Pre. Once will download it, and a second time will allow you to view it. Choose copy to pictures.

3. Downloaded wallpapers can be found by tapping on Pictures and then tapping on Downloads.

Easy as that.

To set wallpapers, tap on the picture. This will bring up a box that states what folder it is in. From there, choose set wallpaper. It will then allow you to pinch and zoom to whatever portion you want to have be your wallpaper. Then Tap Set Wallpaper again. Done!