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    1. When opening applications/windows if you swipe up immediately after the pressing the icon the card opens up and immediately goes into cardview mode and looks like you are literally dealing a deck of cards. How freakin cool is that?!?
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    It is a really intuitive UI when it comes to handling multiple open apps. I do what you describe alot when I hit the wrong app, and I want to close it or open the right app before the wrong one finishes loading.
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    Yes, Palm did a really nice job on the application switcher/window manager.
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    Um... isn't this something that happens no matter when you swipe up? Or am I missing something here?
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    Yes it is, but I think what the OP was trying to point out that isn't mentioned often is that you can immediately swipe after you launch the app before it's actually finished loading.
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    nothing else? man you guys/gals are lame
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    Well, how bout some praise for WebOS Doctor? I have never had, nor heard of a phone that could be completely wiped and rebuilt and back up and running fully synced with all the user's applications, contacts, calendars, email, and so forth in 30 min to an hour. That's pretty incredible.

    Of course, I had to back up all my USB drive data first, which took a while (since I can't sync with iTunes at the moment--please spare me the anti-iTunes rants). But the process of getting the core of the phone up and running was really painless and fast. Amazing!
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