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    I am a service tech for sprint and I have a customer with a lot of important info on his phone and has to send it back because he his touch failed on his pre. Does anyone know how to hard reset the phone without having a touch screen. I know on old centro's that you can just hold the power button and take the battery out then put it back in while holding the power button still and it will give you the option to erase all data. Just wondering it there was a way to do that on the pre.

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    You are a Tech? Wow... My boost of confidence in Sprint just went sky high!!!
    Heard of remote wipe?
    I am stunned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdstal View Post
    I am a service tech for sprint and I...

    I have a hard time believing that one....
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    LOL - sounds like when a person asks for advice for themselves and starts with "I have a friend who has a pre that can't see his screen and he wanted me to ask you how to do a hard reset without the screen?"

    ROFLMAO that is a good one!

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