okay everybody,

it seems when the pre is charging via the USB it is fine but when I use the wall charger or the touchstone it doesn't work correctly. I've noticed it will charge and says it is charging but if the pre shows a notification it quits. (???)

For example, I placed the unit on the touchstone last night and checked the power meter about an hour after being placed on the unit. It was charging and everything seemed okay but I had not received any phone calls, txt msgs, or emails. This morning I checked the device and I was down to 17% and there was notifications of emails coming through.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it the phone?

(yes, I make sure the unit is correctly positioned on the touchstone, yes it shows it is charging, yes it dings to say it's charging, and it appears to do the same thing when it is plugged into the wall unit without the touchstone)