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    just bored and wanted to start a conversation with my bx people. How do you enjoy your pre?
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    Not from the BX. I'm in Florida, but originally from The Heights. And I love my Pre. Had it since day 1 and have yet to put it down.
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    I'm not feeling the fact that we don't video recording, text forwarding and some other missing features and why they didn't put the mic you talk through in the center instead of the far left side but aside from that it's a cool phone It's growing on me.
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    Grew up on Stratford Ave, off of Westchester Ave.

    Pre would be the ultimate phone if I could edit office docs. That's my only gripe!
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    In Newburgh about 40mi from you. I'm loving it. Yeah its missing features, but its method of multitasking cannot be matched and its openness is unreal. And seemless sycning with google and facebook has proven to be invaluable. I can either use my outlook calendar at work, google calendar, or the pre's calendar and they all stay synced. I also love having custom wall papers which my ipod touch lacks, and even jailbroken still has all the apps on top. Like Silly said the only thing I'm missing is Docs to Go. I would also like better facebook access but friendsflow does an outstanding job of making up for any lost functionality. I'm happier than I thought I would be.
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    Aahh I miss the bronx livin in VA now :/....wish it could do everything my treo did

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