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    So I just got my Pre a week ago and I'm just getting around to putting music on it now. What's the standard for a music player and putting music onto the pre? I know iTunes doesn't work anymore as a direct device. I just put a few songs onto the Pre through iTunes and it didn't bring the album artwork with ie either :-/
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    Just like itunes works very well with the pre
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    winamp, mediaMonkey......etc....there are lots. Or you can simply put the Pre in usb mode and drag your mp3s in there.
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    I am on a Mac and use iTunes 8.2.1 and the Pre syncs music & video flawlessly. My Mac recognizes it immediately through iTunes.
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    I just put my music on for the first time today and used the newest version of iTunes. Worked just fine.

    I checked the option to manually add music in iTunes, and dragged it over from my Music folder.
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    iTunes still works, they fixed it again!
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