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    The reply and forwarding functions of the e-mail app have suddenly failed on me. When I attempt to use them it launches, but it pauses and flashes and it does not allow for text to be entered (it will allow for more more recipients to be added, but that is it). It doesn't even allow for the input window to generate. It just shows the recipients and the subject and the attatchment and send buttons. Very odd.

    *Update* I can type body text if I first attach a file, but it still does not render correctly.
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    Did you do the Landscape tweak in WebOSQuickInstall? I noticed something similar after doing that, trying to figure out if they're related.

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    I did the landscape tweak along with the keyboard tweak and I get the same reply issues, haven't checked forwarding. I uninstalled the keyboard and I thought that took care of it but I still get it but not on every reply. I guess I should uninstall the landscape and see what happens.
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    I can't remember if I did the landscape hack through 'QuickInstall, or not, because if I did I did it some time ago and this problem has just manifested as of a few hours ago. I did not install the virtual keyboard hack. What is really odd now is that the phone is also posting attached files much more quickly than it was before. An image that it struggled to upload just last night now posts in quick order.
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    So I uninstalled the landscape patch and it took care of the issue and I now have the virtual keyboard back on.
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    Yeah, it looks like I did enable the landscape hack; I just never used it. I wonder if I triggered it earlier today and that set it up to fail. Still extremely odd. And while replying is now a complicated pain, I am kind of liking the fact that I can post images in a blink.
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    Interesting: triggering landscape fixes the ability to type. I must have triggered it earlier today.
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    yes mine does that as well i made a post about it a few days back i only got one other person. also had done the tweak i didnt think they were related because no one had mentioned it before.

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