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    Getting closer to release date in the UK and I was hoping to get some feed back on the durability of the Pre, you know things like how well it stands up to scratches and marks esp on the screen.
    There have been a few comments on the battery recharging flap thingy being weak, is this true?
    I dont want this to be another problem thread....just want to hear what you Pre owners think after having had your device for a while now.
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    I have a pair of Pre's that I use as roller skates.

    You do the math.

    All kidding aside, the phone is fairly durable in my experience. I would suggest some sort of screen cover, and barring any severe drops, you should be fine. My screen has a few noticeable scratches on it more because I'm a damn clutz than any sort of build quality issues.

    And as far as the charging flap is concerned, mine functions just as it did on US launch day.
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    I've had my pre since june and haven't had any major issues. I did have an issue with the device powering down when I closed the keyboard. However when I took the phone to sprint they affixed a tab under the battery so it wouldn't shift. The phone is fairly durable-i purchased a rubberized sleve for it. I don't have a screen protechtor yet, but the screen seems very durable as well. Overall its the best phone I've ever had. I love the fact that webOS is so customizable...
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    Mines in great condition after two months, but the first thing i did was buy a screen protector.. i'm very very ocd when it comes to scratches on my screen lol. also i kept it in it's sleeping bag that it comes with until i got a good sturdy plastic cover for it and i keep it in a hip holster thing instead of carrying it in my pocket.
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    The phone will hold up decently.

    After one day of sliding it in my pocket naked, my first Pre did have some scuffs on the top and some hairline scratches on the screen. The second Pre instantly got a screen protector on it from day one.

    I would suggest a screen protector unless you don't mind some scratches on your screen. It's only a matter of time...
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    I've dropped it hard on the concrete about 3x already. It's knicked at the top, thankfully the screen hasn't cracked. I also have a couple of scratches on the surface (from things in my purse I think), but it doesn't affect it's readability, and you can really only see them at a certain angle. I like the feel of my old treo 755 better, but I really have only minor complaints.
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    my usb door fell off...I thought it would bother me but now that it happened I could care less actually its easier to charge...other than that its held up very well...a few drops here and there but no scratches or blemishes to show for it!
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    whatever floats your boat, buddy.

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