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  1. ROKRz6m's Avatar
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    I currently have the protective covers on my palm pre and an invisible shield on the screen (by the way the screen protector makes my screen look wrinkled and it has microscopic bubbles that never went away i have a month and a half that i installed it)
    I've dropped it one time and damn how I thanked the lord I had those covers and that shield on because it bounced several times on the street and slid like 2 feet afterwards, nothing happened to it the case took all the damage but for some reason i get the feeling that im caring an ugly phone i mean the case makes it look cheap and plasticky and a lot more bulky

    How many of you out there have No protection on your pre and its as pretty as when you got it out of the box?

    Or who suggests leaving the protection on?

    I really want to show off how pretty it is but not want to run any risks plus i don't like the slightly oreo effect that i get WIthout the case also but i can deal with that...
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    Really, my phone is functional with the Invisible Shield on it. Never had a single problem.
  3. drizek's Avatar
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    It's not worth it. Not only does it add weight and inconvenience, it is a waste of money. Why spend $50 to protect a $200 phone?
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    I protect my phone with a $7 insurance plan a month. My last Diamond had nothing but a screen protector and I even left that off on the pre.
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    This all comes down to personal preference. Some swear by cases and others just despise them. I personally love them. The invisible shield I have is custom made to ONLY fit on the screen, not the entire phone. And the grey metallic case, I forget what company name, only adds slightly to its thickness. Been dropped only twice so far since I've had my phone, and glad the protectors are there to lessen the damage.
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    No cases or skins for my Pre.I just keep it in my pocket. I had the Invisible Shield for a week. It looked awful. I have the Bestbuy insurance in case it breaks. I was lucky enough to get my Pre for $99.
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    I have a Phantom Skin on the front, and the touchstone cover on the back. I can't even tell there is screen protection on. A lot of protective skins leave the phone looking "wrinkled", you may also see that referred to as "orange peel". The Invisible Shield, while great at protecting your phone, has the worst orange peel effect.
  8. drizek's Avatar
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    I think getting a Touchstone back is the best idea. Keep your original back nice and shiny.

    I have been too unimpressed with the quality of hte screen protector I used on my Dell Axim X30. It changes the feel, it is impossible to get rid of the bubbles and it reduces the qualit yof the screen. I put no protection whatsoever on my Nokia n800 and the LCD has 0 scratches and only slight blemishes on the chrome trim. I keep it in the pleather sock when it is in my pocket, to prevent it getting scratched by keys. I will do the same with my Pre(with a stylish orange sock(spock?)), but won't pay money for anything else.
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    she is pretty with the protective clothes on......
  10. Xyg
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    If someone made hard case that wasn't hideous and bulky I would consider buying one.
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    I swear by boxwave screen protectors. They aren't sticky and you don't have to use any soap or whatever and once they are on as long as you've cleaned the screen well you can't tell they are even there.

    I personally have to have a case on my phone. I can't stand scratches and dents and I always sell my old phones so I want them to look as new as possible when I upgrade for resell value.
  12. Tubal's Avatar
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    I got the innocase. I actually like the extra bulk (however slight) it adds.

    The naked pre feels like a bar of soap in my hands, so I'm always afraid it's going to shoot out. The innocase is hard, but a little rubbery. Much better grip.
  13. madolen's Avatar
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    I am on my forth pre.. the worst thing I ever did was use a hard case on my first two pre's.... After a couple weeks of use with the rocketfish case on i took it off... only to find my pre was scruffed to all hell!!! Dust and dirt got trapped between the case and the pre and worm the shinny finish into a bunch of dull scratches... My current pre is unprotected except for a leather holder.. and it still looks beautiful. DO NOT USE A SNAP ON HARDCASE w/o a full clear protector
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    Mine's nekkid and I carry it in my jeans pocket erry day.
  15. Glod's Avatar
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    I am an abusive person, my phone needs the innocase

    but even if your not abusive get a screen protector, the Pre screen scratches easy as hell!
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    ROKRz6m...Like to use alliteration, eh?

    I have a full body protector on it. I installed it prefectly, but now after 2 months of use, some of the edges are peeling off & wont stick back on. I like the feel of the Pre without anything on it, but I don't want to risk getting scratches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubal View Post
    I got the innocase. I actually like the extra bulk (however slight) it adds.

    The naked pre feels like a bar of soap in my hands, so I'm always afraid it's going to shoot out. The innocase is hard, but a little rubbery. Much better grip.

    Same here. I just recently got my Innocase along with the Ultimate Screen Guard and I couldn't be happier. The screen protector is great and I can barely even tell it is on the phone (definitely no orange peel effect with the USG).

    The added "bulk" if you can really even call it that with the innocase actually feels really good in your hand and having another layer of protection never hurts. Plus, IMO, the innocase actually looks really nice on the Pre so I need an option for both!
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    I have insurance for a reason.
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    I have the Phantom Skinz front protector and the Seidio big battery cover.
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    No case, no protector, no insurance. Pre feels good naked :-) Had insurance for years - never used it.
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