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  • Yes, I want my Pre to last!

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  • No, I use mine for show off and functionality!! =)

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    Zagg on my screen and a gray Innocase for the body. Feel uber protected
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    i dropped my last phone in the toilet while drunk and, ironically, trying to place it on the counter so as not to drop it in the toilet. still works. My pre will be ok o natural.

    also by the time it get's ruined my contract will be up and i'll probably be buying a new phone anyways.
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    Bareback baby....

    I gots a touchstone compatible innocase and a shinoki shield, but they don't enahnce the ride. I like the smoothness of that shiny black beast.

    No kind a clunky clattertrap cr@p can compare with what I wanna work with: a pristine purity pierced by plenty of APPs!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by madolen View Post
    the worst thing I ever did was use a hard case on my first two pre's....
    I tend to agree and rely on the developers of the Pre to have designed it with a well thought out balance of convenience and protection. Aftermarket band-aids, either by their weight, leverage or proximity, are likely to compromise the developers plan for survivability and usability. My Pre sleeps in the included sac, just as Palm recommends. It is smooth, and that can be a good thing in many of the environments that the Pre lives and works.

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    i have the Seido Innocase and it looks pretty and protected with all the functionality
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAX_POWERS View Post
    No cases or skins for my Pre.I just keep it in my pocket. I had the Invisible Shield for a week. It looked awful. I have the Bestbuy insurance in case it breaks. I was lucky enough to get my Pre for $99.
    my zagg shield looked awful the first day. after it cured for 36 hours, it looks good. 99$ also
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    I've had pretty good luck with naked phones over the years, and so far the Pre has been no exception. I don't have anything on mine but I do frequently carry it around in the little pouch it came with. I have a touchstone back on it too which is probably a little more resilient than the original one.
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    I'm going to Best Buy this weekend to get an invisibleSHIELD this weekend for the Pre.

    I and friends have them on other devices and after seeing the level of protection they offer I am a believer.
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    I don't have insurance from Sprint, I use a $26 rider (a year) I got from USAA on my Homeowners that covers with a $100 deductible (never used it in many years) but it covers all comps/pdas in house for up to 8K.

    My first Pre was naked, and after pockets keys and drops looked a little scuffed.
    After one of the drops the touch screen stopped working. Sprint replaced under warranty.

    When I got replacement, I immediately went to Mall had Invisashield put on. Honestly after covering many Treo's in Boxwaves, the Invisishield is marginal. I ordered a Body Guard on line but was afraid to install it.

    I am glad it is protected but I don't like feel of IS (rubbery), I don't like the look of it (orange peel) and the corners suck. The touch stone back makes the phone ALOT less slipery, and I don't have that covered. I have not dropped the new one yet, and probably won't, much less slippery.
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    No screen protector or anything. Starting to wear off the shinyness, almost getting a matte look. I am making sure to not put my keys in my pocket with this phone though.

    My last phone like my laptop has dents and small pieces missing. At the end of 2 years when I skip it across a lake it's going to be in pretty poor condition.
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    i was using hte seidio innocase but I really like the feel of the Pre without a case. It feels so sexy and pebble like so I don't use the case anymore.

    I will risk a few scratches. I'm sure in a couple years I will be upgrading (hopefully to palm pre 3.0 or something) so it's all good.
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    Snap-on case but no inviso shield. Gotta show off the screen!! I've tried the screen protectors, but it just kills the way the screen looks. I'm just careful when I put in my pocket...make sure there's no loose change or keys.
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    pretty n thin
    not trying to make it ugly or thicker
    if something happens to my phone ill get another
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    I have a screen cover on and a hard case, i love how it feels, how it looks and how it protects. I got a cheap hardcase from a booth in the mall for now, it wiggles a little but does the job and doesn't look bad to me at all.
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    I tried a couple of screen protectors, but they never looked very good. The way I look at it, I'm paying the insurance, and it's a phone after all, so in a year, or so, I'll be getting a new one anyway. (never seem to keep a phone for more than 2 years, tops.)

    So, the Pre is naked, and I keep it on my belt in a face-in holster.

    ....constantly cleaning the screen of finger smudges though, the downfall of all touchscreen phones. ;-)
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    I just ordered a screen only cover from 50% off with coupon code LABORDAY09. Total with shipping $7.50. We'll see how it works.
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