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    My wife has a blackberry and lawd navigating on the phone is a pain with that track ball. It takes me less than half the time to do the same thing on the Pre. My previous phone was a winmo phone and that's even worse than a blackberry.
    The BB interface isn't the most intuitative but once you learn it, its very fast. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts and a couple of programmable buttons on the side. Some of the apps do look very dated/plain though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donatom3 View Post
    If your email provider offers an IMAP server (many do nowadays) then your phone and Outlook software will sync. I work for a small business and we're too small to make owning an exchange server wroth it. Our email service uses IMAP, and I can get push email, same email on my PC and phone, and webmail no matter which device downloaded it first.

    What your describing is an issue of POP servers. Outlook gives you one option to solve your dilema of emails not being available if outlook downloaded first. In the advanced options of your email account there is an option to leave messages on the server for x amount of days. Turn that on and you're fine.
    Thanks for the advice. In fact I did set up my e-mail to leave my messages on the server for a few days, but what happens now is that when I read a message a short while latter I get a notification that I've got a new's just the same one that I read earlier, being delivered again.

    It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough.

    Now I've decided to have my work e-mails forwared to a newly created G-mail account, and that comes through on my phone. If I reply to a message, I just simply change the name from my G-mail account to my office account and away I go.

    I am going to talk to our IT guys about the IMAP though.

    Thanks again,

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    Why do you expect to get anything different in this thread than in the dozens of other threads where the same topic has been beat to death?

    It does some things well, other things poorly, some things not at all. Like any other device, it has it's plusses and minuses, which have be discussed repeatedly. Only you can decide if the plusses outweight the minuses, for your needs, and if you have faith that Palm will address the issues soon enough to make a difference, for you.

    Some people say it's near perfect, some say it's total trash. I think you can safely ignore both of those camps, and focus on the reality that's somewhere in between.
    Bob Meyer
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    You might already have imap. Turns out our server is both pop and imap. I just replaced the pop3. in my server name to imap and used the correct imap port and away I went. Your IT department should be able to help you.
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