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    I know I don't.. Who else is in the same boat?

    Besides deleting enough apps to make room, are there any other work arounds?
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    I've deleted 5+ hb apps but I still get "error installing"...I've also checked the size of the apps to check if there would b available space after deteting but nothin
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    I'm having the same problem but I have plenty of hard drive space...
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    palm limits third party apps on ur pre so if you uninstall a bunch of apps then use preware to reinstall you should be ok because preware bypasses palm limits where filecoaster does not as well as preloader does not . i have just over forty apps on my tweaked out pre and have not gotten any error mess. since i started using preware to load my apps. hope that helps have a great day !!
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    I have the same problem. Says I have 7.1 gb avialable in deavice info. When I tried to download from app store it said not enough memory.
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    ps i only have 3 gigs left of space on my pre as well hehehe (i got alot of music and wallpapers )
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingerdinger View Post
    I know I don't.. Who else is in the same boat?

    Besides deleting enough apps to make room, are there any other work arounds?
    read my post above that should solve ur troubles ! let me know if it works please! im pretty sure it does but anyways lol
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    Thanks Shadavis 08 will try that.
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    I've been using preware as well to install apps because it bypasses the limit palm decided to impose..

    My fear is that everytime I want to install apps from the app catalog I will have to delete 10 or 20 apps to have space for the app catalog apps. And then reinstalling all the other apps through preware to get everything I want.

    I don't mind doing this (I don't like to either), however I hope palm can fix this in the next update, hopefully coming out this weekend. ::crossesfingers::
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    PreWare does not bypass the App storage issue for App Catalog applications. Also, Palm has a specific partition for Apps regardless of who makes them. Once that is filled, you will get the error. This will hopefully get fixed when the App store leaves Beta, which should be soon from the looks of the App Catalog now.
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    We really need to get a petition ready if palm does not fix this soon. Frankly it is a ridiculous imposition. Once paid apps appear, I am not going to delete apps I paid for just so I can download another app. I can readily fore-see a future when I want to test out a demo program but I can't because I have already reached my quota of apps and I still have plenty of storage space available.

    Once some apps that have large databases start appearing (lexi-comp and epocrates for example) that space is going to be filled up so fast, that you won't be able to fit anything else on.
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    Yea, I was kinda blown today. I can't download anything from the Official app catalog, but I can from Preware.
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    This bugs the crap outta me. I should be able to do what I want with my unused space.
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    Will Dieter, Derek, or ANYONE please post a sticky RE: Upper limit on installed applications and workarounds, namely preware, to make the onslaught of the posts end?
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    webOS Quick Install or Preware can install beyond the limit but the Palm App Catalog can't.

    Here is what to do:
    1. Uninstall a bunch of Homebrews to make enough room.
    2. Install the Palm Apps.
    3. Reinstall the Homebrews with webOS Quick Install or Preware.

    - Craig
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    How can I tell whch apps I have installed with filecoaster or preware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by navinag View Post
    How can I tell whch apps I have installed with filecoaster or preware?
    Any app that isn't an official app was probably downloaded through filecoaster and preware.

    If you go to preware and click on "installed apps" and it should show you all your apps. On the bottom you can click on the clock icon and see the most recently downloaded. Chances are the most recent will be homebrew apps.
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    i can install app using preware, BUT sadly, if i want to install for the palm app cat. I can't because I'm over the limit. I hope palm fixes this issue soon, or else it wont matter if the palm app cat. get 100000000's of apps, you will only be able to put only a few on your pre making it pointless to have that many apps available......
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